I asked ChatGPT’s Bitcoin price prediction for 2025-2030 and it gave me…

Assuming you currently hold/trade Bitcoin [BTC] or any of the other altcoins out there, the fact that you are reading this implies that you are well acquainted with the volatile nature of this asset class. BTC’s journey to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency began in 2009, with an initial value of less than a penny. … Read more

Egyptians Asked to Eat Chicken Feet Due to Economic Crisis

GIZA, KOMPAS.com – Egypt is facing a deep economic crisis, and the City Government of Giza advises its citizens to eat chicken feet. In Egypt, the protein-rich part of the chicken is usually reserved for the dogs and cats. Inevitably, the suggestion immediately sparked intense anger and criticism of the government. Also read: The Mystery … Read more

The ChatGPT-4 bot was asked to invest $100 in cryptocurrencies. That’s what he did

Trading for profit is not an easy task, and only a small part of professional players in the crypto market is able to work for profit in the long term. In this they, in addition to the general perception of the trend and the situation in macroeconomics, are usually helped by hundreds of indicators, strategies … Read more

The passenger asked to change seats, but the flight attendant got into an argument

Jakarta – SkyWest Airlines conducted an investigation because of a fight between fellow flight attendants and it went viral. The argument started when passengers wanted to change seats. reported NBC News, Saturday (18/3/2023) the bickering dragged on and caused the take off to be delayed. The fight also made one of the flight attendants cry … Read more

The man won 36 million lottery tickets and “asked his cousin to collect it on his behalf, but he was swallowed alone.” The result of the angry lawsuit was announced | International | CTWANT

A man in China entrusted his cousin with the winning lottery ticket, only to get it all by himself. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Even relatives and family members may have disputes over money. There is a man in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China. He bought a lottery ticket and won 8 million RMB (approximately … Read more

Putin met with billionaires, asked them to invest in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Russia’s billionaires and business elite today to invest in new technology, manufacturing facilities and businesses to help Russia overcome what he says are attempts by the West to destroy its economy, Reuters reported. He also pointed out that Russia is currently resisting these attempts, and Western firms that have decided … Read more

The commander of the “Botur” detachment – about the military brotherhood, how he brought 50 fighters out of the fire and what he asked God for

Photo provided by the hero material Alexander Kolesov In the 90s, Alexander Kolesov went through the conflict in Transnistria and the first Chechen campaign, having already received the medal “For Courage”. Until April 2022, he worked at the Kulakovsky House of Friendship of Peoples, until one day he went with a humanitarian cargo to a … Read more

Carter asked me to give a eulogy, Biden blurted out

“He asked me to give a eulogy for him. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” the president said during a meeting with sponsors in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Carter gave up further cancer treatment in February and now receives only palliative care. He plans to spend the rest of his life with his family … Read more

Ødegaard tested VR training – asked for a higher degree of difficulty

GOOD OVERVIEW: Martin Ødegaard apparently has better time with the ball than most competitors. Photo: Reuters In 2019, Martin Ødegaard (24) tried virtual training for the first time. After testing the technology, he asked the founders to turn up the pace to 120 percent. Published: Yesterday 18:01 Updated less than 20 minutes ago After the … Read more