President Assad Reportedly Expels Iranian Commander From Syria

loading… DAMASCUS – President Bashar al-Assad reportedly expelled a commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Iran operating in Syria , Javad Ghaffari. The report was published by two Saudi Arabian media, Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, on Wednesday (10/11/2021). Sources at the Syrian presidential palace, quoted by the two media outlets, said that President Assad … Read more

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with Assad, the US is Bloody

loading… DAMASCUS – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) United Arab Emirates (UAE) met with the President Syria Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. This incident is a sign of improving relations between Assad and the Gulf state. On the other hand, the visit sparked criticism from United States of America (AS). UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah … Read more

After the decisions of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain .. Elisa to George Qardahi is angry: “Go to Assad and the Houthis”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Lebanese singer, Elissa Khoury, called on the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, to go towards “Assad and the Houthis” if he loves them, noting that he bears the responsibility of an entire country, in an angry reaction after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain’s decision to withdraw their ambassadors … Read more

President Assad on his way into the heat – Dagsavisen

ISRAEL (Dagsavisen): It was nothing more than a phone call. But in a region where bombings by fighter jets, chemical weapons and torture are part of reality, it attracted attention throughout the Middle East when President Assad in early October picked up the phone and called King Abdullah in neighboring Jordan. – This is the … Read more

Reportage from Syria | Between Isis and Al Qaeda, the Rojava that resists

“The war in Syria will end when we all have the same rights. And the road is still long, but we are not giving up ». These words were spoken by Aram Hanna, spokesman for the Syrian democratic forces, SDF, with a Christian majority. Together with the YPJ and YPG fighters and fighters since 2014 … Read more

The Arabs have isolated Assad for years, but a change is beginning – a world

© Associated Press Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Although Bashar al-Assad is still isolated from the West, which blames him for a decade of brutal war in Syria, change is taking place in the Middle East. The United States’ Arab allies are beginning to soften its isolation by reviving economic and diplomatic ties. The extension of … Read more

Syria, after 37 years Bashar Assad allows his uncle Rifaat, the butcher of Hama, to return home

from Marta Serafini President Hafez’s brother was in exile in France, where he is accused of embezzlement and tax fraud and risks the appropriation of assets for 90 million euros The butcher from Hama returns home. Syrian President Bashar al Assad allowed to his uncle Rifaat, who was in danger of being arrested in France, … Read more

Putin ended up in quarantine for covid. He had met Assad before

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in quarantine. A coronavirus appeared among his loved ones, according to a Kremlin spokesman, the president was healthy and the test was negative. Putin has had a busy schedule in recent days. Among other things, he met with the Syrian president or soldiers at a joint exercise with Belarus. On … Read more

The Ministry of the Interior: 3 people accused of accompanying “Assad” were arrested in Ain Sukhna

07:16 PM Wednesday 21 July 2021 Books – Alaa Omran and Muhammad Al-Sawy: The security services revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on the social networking site “Facebook” of news and a picture of a person carrying a lion on his shoulder and roaming the streets of Ain Sukhna in Suez. And the security … Read more