Podmol will return to the Dakar Rally, driving without assistance

“Being alone in the Dakar is a challenge and mainly an adventure that I want to try. It will be a similar adrenaline rush as somersaulting over my fence on this bike. I think I am the first to perform a real freestyle trick on the Dakar special,” said Podmol in a press release. He … Read more

Germany blocks 8 billion in EU aid to Ukraine. Zelensky’s Fury: “A Crime”

“I remind some leaders of the European Union that our retirees, our displaced people, our teachers and other people” cannot be “held hostage by their indecision or by their bureaucracy”, this is “a crime”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not mince words in his last speech to the population to express all his anger at … Read more

Hotman Paris Becomes JNE Lawyer for Social Assistance Case Buried in Depok

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — PT Tiki Lintas Nugraha Eka Courier (ETC) took Hotman Paris Hutapea as legal counsel to handle the case of social assistance rice (bansos) found buried in Serab Village, Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java. The news was confirmed by Hotman Paris. “Yes,” said Hotman when confirmed by CNNIndonesia.com, Wednesday (3/8). ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO … Read more

KPK Letters to TNI Asks for Assistance in Examining Persons Suspected of Helping Regent Ricky

Jakarta – The KPK has written to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) regarding the escape of the Regent of Central Mamberamo Ricky Ham Pagawak who is a suspect in a corruption case. Ricky Ham is suspected of having fled to Papua New Guinea when he was about to be picked up by the KPK. Acting … Read more

Threat is a card that fell to the ground… What about the social assistance “trap”?

“Lebanon Debyte” Today, employees of the Exchange and Treasury Departments in the Ministry of Finance have returned to “temporary work” with the aim of paying social assistance to the military and retirees, provided that the course of the decree related to compensation for public administration employees is followed, and thus the strike of Ministry of … Read more

ASN, TNI, and Polri Receive Social Assistance Funds, Social Minister Risma: I Ordered to Deposit Back!

Jakarta – Minister of Social Affairs (Social Minister) Tri Rismaharini crackdown after the Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministry of Social Affairs) obtain data on State Civil Apparatus (ASN/TNI/Polri) who receive social assistance funds (bansos). He explained that there is a scheme to refund the social assistance funds that can be used by ASN, TNI, and … Read more

BPK reveals that there is an irregularity in the social assistance funds from the Ministry of Social Affairs of Rp. 3 trillion

Jakarta – The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) revealed 2.5% of social assistance funds (social assistance) deviated. This was stated by BPK member Achsanul Qosasi in submitting the BPK Audit Result Report on the 2021 Ministry of Social Financial Report. “The 2.5% think the deviation is not in accordance with the inaccuracy of the target,” said … Read more

Check for Social Assistance Recipients of Rp.200,000 This Month, BPNT for Basic Foods is back in liquid in this category of people

PR DEPOK – Check out how recipient check social assistance Rp200.000 this month, there BPNT groceries that are being disbursed to the community with the following categories. Distribution social assistance BPNT groceries Rp200.000 continues to be carried out by the government through the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) every month. This assistance is intended for … Read more

Will Canadians with long-term COVID be able to opt for medical assistance in dying?

Doctors wonder if the COVID longue duration, a disease still poorly understood, could meet the criteria for obtaining themedical assistance in dying. The file of a Torontonian with the disease who recently made the request could offer one of the first answers. Tracey Thompson had no idea she would still have symptoms of COVID-19 in … Read more