how to get the Astro Bot costume in the Sweet Thieves challenge

Mediatonic’s fun game is no stranger to collaborations with PlayStation. We have already been able to dress up our little beans as characters like Aloy, from Horizon; Sackboy, de Little Big Planet; Ratchet; his partner Clank; and even Jin Sakai, from Ghost of Tsushima. That is why we are not surprised that Astro Bot, considered … Read more

Fall Guys’ latest crossover game with the Astro franchise is out on March 8th

Fall Guys is currently nearing the end of its sixth season and will have another major collaboration very soon. We’ve seen many crossovers from various franchises since the game’s release, with the Astro series being the latest addition. Starting March 8th, players will be able to run around like Astro Bot’s Fall Guys. Astro Bot … Read more

Now More Popular, Cha Eun Woo Precisely Claims To Live Lonely For 6 Years: I Want To Get Married – Young artist Cha Eun Woo lately often become a hot topic among lovers drama Korea. Yes, besides being good at singing, Cha Eun Woo also turned out to have talent in the field of acting. Popularity Cha Eun Woo improved since starring drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty and True Beauty. Even though … Read more

Total denim look: Kanye West and Julia Fox in “Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears” mode at Paris Fashion Week

Kanye Timberlake and Julia Spears? The rapper and his new companion offered their first official appearance as a duo, on Sunday January 23, during Paris Fashion Week. Both had opted for a total jeans look, like another famous couple, twenty years earlier. “Britney and Justin did it, but better,” said a user. Kanye West and … Read more

Planet Astro Slide with a QWERTY keyboard. The price is so great!

Smartphone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard? Hardly anyone expected such a premiere in 2022. If you fancy a hint of nostalgia – today you can buy Planet Astro Slide 5G. However, the price is not the lowest. It might seem that smartphones with sliding keyboard it is a relic of the past. One manufacturer, however, … Read more

Better than a red carpet, the very dressed Christmas of the Kardashian family

Kim Kardashian shared on social networks this Monday, December 27, a preview of her Christmas Eve. And judging by the evening outfits, all more bling from each other, the family reunion turned into a red carpet. If at the last Met Gala, Kim Kardashian hit hard with a full black suit (hood included), she showed … Read more

‘Astro Kings’, Collaboration Update with Galactic Hero Legend DNT

[자료제공: 에이엔게임즈] – , Collaboration with the animation ‘The Legend of Galactic Heroes DNT’ – You can meet popular characters and flagships, including the main character in the anime. – 100% of ‘Wenli Yang’, the main character of ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’, is paid just by logging into the game A&Games is a mobile … Read more

Sega Toys, “Astro City Mini V” released in 2022.Includes 22 vertical shoes including the first transplant “Out Zone” –Engadget Japanese version

AstroCityMini V Sega Toys has announced the latest miniature reprint arcade cabinet “Astro City Mini V”.The previous model Astro City Mini was releasedIt is an announcement one year after, and the second of the arcade classics. The LCD monitor, which was horizontal in the previous generation, has been replaced with a vertical one, and the … Read more

Astro hammer: on a collision course! Researcher discovers gigantic black holes

Astronomers have discovered a hidden pair of supermassive black holes in a nearby galaxy that could merge into an even larger monster. Read here how dangerous this can be for us. Astronomers have discovered a hidden pair of supermassive black holes. Image: AdobeStock / elen31 (symbol image) What a find! Astronomers have discovered a hidden … Read more