Unexpectedly, there is also garbage on Mars, astronauts try to clean it up

INDOZONE.ID – If trash is scattered in every corner in front Earththe taste is not surprising because it is human nature to leave garbage when they die. However, it turns out that something unexpected appears from the planet Mars. Where the planet that is only visited by the astronauts turns out to also have rubbish. … Read more

European astronauts will step on the Moon after an agreement between NASA and ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have signed an agreement for lunar exploration, and they promise to promote the landing of the first European astronaut on the moon. In mid-June, the two space agencies held meetings in the Netherlands where they discussed the possibility of the first European astronaut to walk on the moon, … Read more

this is the “body armor” of asteroid Bennu – FayerWayer

The OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) spacecraft was launched on September 8, 2016. In September 2017, it flew past Earth and in 2018, it finally reached the Bennu asteroid. Since then he has spent all this time observing various other features of this asteroid and has made some remarkable discoveries. The … Read more

NASA and ESA Discuss Sending First European Astronauts to the Moon

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The European Space Agency (ESA) and the United States (NASA) discussed the possibility of sending the first European astronauts to the Moon. This was stated when the two signed an agreement strengthening collaboration for future lunar exploration. They had an initial agreement that three European astronauts would fly aboard the Orion spacecraft … Read more

Boeing Blue, New Space Suit Design for Starliner Astronauts

FLORIDA – Boeing shows the latest spaceship plans for astronaut Starliner at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, on June 15, 2022. A new spacesuit called “Boeing Blue” was reproduced for exhibition before an actual example of Dover’s ILC designs was created. Boeing had previously selected another spacesuit manufacturer, the David Clark Company, … Read more

Russia reveals repatriation of US astronauts with Soyuz rockets paid for in rubles

MOSCOW – Returns astronaut United States (USA) Mark Vande Hei from the International Space Station (ISS) to earth using the Russian Soyuz spacecraft on March 30, 2022 paid in currency Rubel . Roscosmos said the repatriation cost of two billion rubles or USD 34.4 million was around IDR 508 billion more. Director General of the … Read more

The Temperature on the Moon is 120 Degrees Celsius, How Do Astronauts Take Shelter?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — temperature in Moon it can be quite extreme compared to on Earth. The Moon’s temperature can reach 120 degrees Celsius at the Moon’s equator. Collect Space.com, a day on the Moon equals two weeks on Earth. That’s because Moon takes less than a month -about 27.3 days- to complete a one-day … Read more

Europe must get astronauts off the ground, says Thomas Pesquet – rts.ch

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet pleaded in Washington on Tuesday for Europe to “start now” to build its own manned flight program. The idea is gaining ground. Thomas Pesquet on his return to Earth on November 9, 2021. [AUBREY GEMIGNANI/NASA – AFP]The 44-year-old astronaut returned late last year from his second stay on the International Space … Read more

Preparing Astronauts for the Mental and Emotional Challenges of Deep Space

But the floating freedom offered by the lack of attractiveness also introduces some limitations when it comes to the human body and mind. Short trips to space have transformed from the early Mercury and Apollo missions to stays of six months or more aboard the International Space Station. The floating lab was the perfect backdrop … Read more