The Oldest Planet in the Solar System Has Been Around 4 Billion Years Ago

Jakarta – Jupiter is oldest planet in the solar system. The research team from the United States’ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Germany’s University Munster said the planet was formed 1 million years after the formation of the Sun 4.6 billion years ago. Launch Space, Wednesday (10/8/2022), the lead author of the study, Thomas Kruijer, … Read more

The Planet with the Highest Mountain in the Solar System – Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet because of its red surface. The red color comes from large amounts of a chemical called iron oxide or “rust” in the rocks and soil. Another uniqueness of the second smallest planet in the solar system is that Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system. … Read more

Perseids, full moon and astronomy evenings; the universe is there!

Astronomy enthusiasts are served these days, with the Perseid period which will reach its peak on the night of August 12 to 13, and the full moon in the background. In addition, it is still possible to attend the astronomy evenings offered by the Pointe-aux-Outardes Nature Park until August 20. For many, the arrival of … Read more

what if the earth was hollow?

Par Tristan Vey Published on 02/08/2022 at 16:07, Update 1 hour ago Domaine public IN THE ATTIC OF SCIENCE (3/6) – Poets have not been alone in dreaming of mysterious worlds hiding beneath our feet. Science too has been tempted by the idea of ​​a planet made of shells separated from layers of air. How … Read more

Chimpanzees chat before going hunting

Par Vincent Bordenave Published on 02/08/2022 at 16:47, Update on 02/08/2022 at 16:47 Hunting is not an intrinsic characteristic of chimpanzees. Some groups practice it regularly, others do not, including in geographically neighboring communities. Credit: Eduard – Some groups practice hunting together, and the vocalizations exchanged improve the motivation and efficiency of the participants. … Read more

Tamim Al-Tamimi.. the sniper of astronomical phenomena

Khawla Ali (Dubai) His vision of the planet Saturn coupled with the moon, led Tamim Al-Tamimi to sail into the astronomy of space, turning from a mere amateur photography to an astronomical photographer in-depth in the photography and study of astronomical phenomena and transfer them to the viewer. Although he is an employee, his passion … Read more

Surprise in the measurement of dark matter – astronomy

“And you see those in the light, you don’t see those in the dark,” says Brecht’s “The Threepenny Opera.” With Berthold Brecht, social criticism resonates in almost every line, for example in his drama about Galileo Galilei, which is well worth reading and unfortunately can hardly resist its missionary claims. He wants to draw attention … Read more

5 Sky Phenomena in August 2022, It’s a shame to miss

Jakarta – In August, there will be five celestial phenomena that we can witness. Some of the phenomena that occur this month even happen only once a year, so it’s a shame to miss them. There are celestial phenomena that we can see with the naked eye, some need binoculars or a telescope. The following … Read more

Celestial spectacle: Saturn comes particularly close to Earth this month

Moon could disrupt Perseids Saturn is particularly close in August 8/1/2022 1:56 p.m August offers star enthusiasts a particularly good opportunity to marvel at Saturn. It comes relatively close to the earth. And, of course, the month of shooting stars also offers a pretty celestial spectacle – this year, however, with one restriction. At the … Read more

James Webb Telescope Operates, With Quality Scouts Assigned to Search for a Second Earth

INDRAMAYUHITS – Advanced technology Telescope James Webb start science operationsbelieved to have the opportunity to find planet at the right distance from the sun and under conditions that can support life. “How did we get here? Where can we go? Is there another Earth out there?” Here are some of the questions that dominate the … Read more