Explanation of the Big Bang Theory Page all

KOMPAS.com – Astronomers research various theories about the creation of the universe. Although there are several thoughts, but one of the famous theories is Theory Big Bang or a big explosion. quote Space, Big Bang theory is the primary explanation of how the universe began. Also read: NASA Builds Super Expensive Telescope To Investigate Big … Read more

2 Years of the Yutu-2 Robot Explores the Far Side of the Moon, Here Are the Findings

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The first explorer robot to visit far side of the moon, Yutu-2 from China, found the large difference found there compared to the near side of the Moon from Earth. Including the difference is the soil is denser and stickier and more abundant in small rocks. Although there have been a number … Read more

What is a Star, How is a Star Born and Die? page all

KOMPAS.com – One of the celestial bodies that often seizes human attention is the star. Not only visible at night, stars can also be seen during the day. One of the closest stars to exist in our solar system is the Sun. So, what is a Star? How is a Star born and then die? … Read more

Counting the Number of Black Holes in the Universe

FOR scientists have always believed that the number of black hole there are innumerable in this universe. However, a new study has pinpointed the number. Black hole continues to fascinate astrophysicists everywhere, but researchers have never tried to calculate how many there are in the entire universe. Now researchers believe that once they know how … Read more

Getting to Know Exoplanets and Possible Other Earths All

KOMPAS.com – Humans live on a planet called Earth that orbits the Sun in a galaxy called the Milky Way. When humans began to think about whether there are planets like Earth in other solar systems, various research and space travel missions were carried out. One of them is looking for the possibility of a … Read more

Equilux Schedule in 39 Regions in Indonesia January-February 2022 All

KOMPAS.com – A total of 3 provincial capitals in northern Indonesia will experience an equilux phenomenon at the end of January to February 2022. The three capitals are Tanjungselor (North Kalimantan) on January 27, 2022, Medan (North Sumatra) on February 10, 2022, and Banda Aceh (NAD) on February 25, 2022. Also read: Covid-19 Cases Increase, … Read more

Solar System: Is there an inner ocean on Saturn’s moon Mimas

Outwardly, Saturn’s moon Mimas appears to be a frozen solid block of ice and rock. And with the help of the data from the Cassini mission, Alyssa Rhoden from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio and her team wanted to prove it too. But ultimately the measurement results pointed in a completely different direction, … Read more

The problem of Starlink satellites for astronomy

A Starlink interference recorded on an image of the Andromeda galaxy taken by the ZTRF in May 2021.Photo: ZTF / Caltech A team of researchers from the Palomar Observatory at California University of Technology (Caltech) has carried out a study of the impact that the Starlink satellite network is having on the work of optical … Read more

The universe contains 40 billion billion black holes

In the observable universe there are around 4 times 1019 – or to put it another way: 40 trillion – black holes. This emerges from an estimate for which a group of astronomers simulated star formation and galaxy formation in the universe. From the frequency of certain star types and their life cycle, it can … Read more

List of Planets Made up of Gas and Ice All

KOMPAS.com – Some planets are dubbed “Giant Planets” because they are much larger than other planets. The four giants are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The giant planets are also known as “Jovian planets”. The term Jovian comes from Jove, the king of the gods in Roman mythology and also the initial name of Jupiter. … Read more