I want to help asylum seekers on the street, what can I do?

Sometimes a mere human presence already brings comfort. Visiting asylum seekers, exchange a few words with them, share moments together, it all contributes to improving their mental health. ” These people are terribly helpless and desperate. They very much appreciate it when Belgian citizens come to tell them: I understand you, I’m there by your … Read more

Asylum and migration: Nicole de Moor’s project for many asylum seekers

Lhe State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V), together with the Flemish home care organization Familiehulp, wants to direct more asylum seekers to employment in the care sector, she said on Sunday during a visit to Ghent, on the occasion of Dag van de Zorg (“Care Day”). “Last year, around 10,000 asylum … Read more

‘The living room of shame’: citizens deliver Fedasil furniture to asylum seekers

About fifty citizens delivered Fedasil furniture on Saturday to the building occupied by asylum seekers near the Gare du Nord in Brussels, Belga noted. A symbolic march to deliver the three armchairs was organized by the citizens, members of various support committees for asylum seekers, starting from rue de Louvain. The furniture in question was … Read more

They buy sofas seized from the state to return them to asylum seekers: the punch action of a group of citizens in Brussels

It is a highly symbolic delivery that was made this morning in front of the future National Crisis Center, occupied since Sunday by asylum applications. The latter refuse to leave the premises, fearing that they will have to sleep on the street due to the lack of places available to accommodate them. The Belgian state … Read more

In Saint-Josse, the squat for asylum seekers is a political gesture: “The right to property is flouted, but so is the right to reception”

Behind the windows of the building that will soon house the federal crisis center, the first heads are emerging from sleeping bags. The third day of occupation of asylum seekers begins. A few journalists arrive and film through the transparent facade. Little by little, we detect movement inside. People show their faces, give a thumbs … Read more

Serious setback for Nicole de Moor in the asylum file: Zuhal Demir opposes the creation of 700 new reception places in Kampenhout

Last Thursday, Vivaldi finally closed an agreement to try to break the impasse in the “asylum” file. Secretary of State for Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V) notably provided for the creation of 2,000 additional places to accommodate homeless asylum seekers, despite the Belgian State’s obligation to offer them a roof. Reception crisis: Vivaldi gives birth … Read more

Reception crisis: asylum seekers do not want the new temporary solutions offered by the Brussels region

This Tuesday afternoon, one would have thought of a way out of the crisis in the file of asylum seekers who have occupied since last Sunday, a building of the Régie des Bâtiments, near the Gare du Nord, in the territory of Saint -José. It is ultimately nothing. Around 4:30 p.m., a press release from … Read more

Reception crisis: the Coordination of undocumented migrants protests against the new asylum measures

This Monday morning, it was still the status quo: in the future federal crisis center, the police do not show that they want to evict the occupants. However, it has always blocked this building since this Sunday evening. Also this Monday morning, the Coordination of undocumented migrants in Belgium did not mince words to qualify … Read more

Reception crisis: the police prepare to dislodge asylum seekers from a public building in Brussels

PSeveral police vans and water cannons surrounded, on Sunday evening around 8:20 p.m., a building occupied a few hours earlier by around seventy asylum seekers, rue Georges Matheus in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. Many police are present, some accompanied by dogs, to dislodge the people present in the building. Read also Migration: the Vivaldi agrees on a catalog … Read more

Reception crisis: the police surround the building where asylum seekers have found refuge, without entering

The police continued to surround, Sunday evening around 10:00 p.m., a building invested a few hours earlier by around seventy asylum seekers, rue Georges Matheus in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. Many police officers are present and control the entrances to the building, but they do not carry out an expulsion, which was feared by the asylum seekers since … Read more