Russian naval officers talked about dropping a nuclear bomb on Berlin

Months before Russia invaded Ukraine, messages from Russian warships were intercepted in connection with a military exercise in the Baltic Sea. It writes Business Insider which refers to German The mirror. According to the German newspaper, citing several German security sources and reporting that Russian officers, the Russian naval officers have talked about dropping nuclear … Read more

“Italians, get ready” – Libero Quotidiano

Andrea Margelletti launches a very heavy warning. The Russian president Vladimir Putin it is far from weak. “The nuclear risk it’s real and very strongin this moment we need a posture of total rigor “, he explains in an interview with the news agency LaPresse. The president of the Center for International Studies, commenting on … Read more

The storm that can end civilization

Mauricio Saldivar 28 Ago 10 min A solar storm in this hyper-connected and electro-dependent world could set humanity back decades. On the morning of September 1, 1859, Richard Carrington realized that something unusual was happening with the Sun. Like every day, he watched it through a telescope from his garden in London, fascinated by the … Read more

North Korea faces covid-19 without a vaccine or respirators

The covid-19 has crossed the iron curtain of North Korea. The most paranoid State in the world has been forced, due to what may happen, to communicate that the pandemic has reached its territory. Always with the filter of propaganda and the makeup of the facts. Imagine the stupor of the North Koreans to see … Read more

the possible reaction (and mutiny) of its agents

«​Putin he will not give the order to drop the nuclear bomb because it would not be carried out by his officials. ” Christo Grozev of the specialized Bellingcat news team claims this in a speech to the BBC. If he really wanted to choose to launch an atomic attack, the Russian president would be … Read more

Maps, sites and scenarios. Here is Italy’s plan for a nuclear attack – World

One planning at the provincial level and one at the national level. The indication of places and methods to ensure the continuity of government action, protecting, on the one hand, the economic, productive and logistical capacity of the country and, on the other, reducing the impact of crisis events on the population. The indication of … Read more