an attempt at reform or an unprofitable scheme at the NPP

Unexpectedly, the cabinet released the entire management of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) – the structure that manages the entire state energy. The moment of the castling is interesting – not a month ago, when in most state-owned companies such castlings took place, but now, in the last days of the caretaker government and a … Read more

Mali ‘s interim leader survives assassination attempt / Day

A knife attacker Goitam after prayers at the Bamako Grand Mosque in connection with a Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. The guards quickly took away Goit, who has been transitional president since May. The guards also restrained the attacker, and the assassination attempt is being investigated, the presidential administration said. The journalist saw blood at the … Read more

Three officers and confused man injured in Horst escape attempt Inland

In the night from Sunday to Monday, three police officers were injured on the A73 highway by a man who went crazy. Ⓒ orange media Horst – During an attempt to escape by a confused man on the A73 near Horst in Limburg, three police officers were injured in the night from Sunday to Monday. … Read more

The Netherlands is shocked by the assassination attempt on the investigative journalist BNN

“Shocking and incomprehensible” – the assassination attempt of the prominent Dutch journalist in Amsterdam was assessed by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, reports the BBC. On Tuesday, July 6, Dutch investigative journalism celebrity Peter R de Vries came to the streets of Amsterdam from a TV studio after experiencing a sudden assassination attempt. A … Read more

ZTE Axon 30, second attempt of camera under screen

ZTE pioneered the technology Under-Display Camera (UPC) and released the first commercial version with the Axon 20 series last December. Despite the innovation it involved, the device disappointed. The sensor did not meet the expected standards and things like white balance and color made the selfie images really bad. ZTE Axon 30 5G points to … Read more

Father drowns in attempt to rescue 6-year-old son in Germany

The man’s 6-year-old son had fallen into the water yesterday while playing near the River Regen (a tributary of the Danube). His father, along with two acquaintances, jumped after the boy, but eventually had to be pulled out of the water by bystanders. To hospital The man and his son were unconscious and were resuscitated … Read more

Colombia: Attempted assassination attempt on the president. His helicopter was fired upon

– It’s a cowardly attack. The gunshots are clearly visible on the surface of the machine, said the Colombian president in a statement released on Friday. – It was only thanks to the security service and the solid construction of the machine that it was possible to avoid something that could have fatal consequences – … Read more

About the first wife, eldest son and the attempt to die – Artūrs Skrastiņš reveals what he would never tell in interviews

If the actor Artūrs Skrastiņš had not been celebrated on his 46th birthday in September with the premiere of the new production “Doctor”, one could think that the stage artist has a very round anniversary, because the party organized at the opening of the big stage book “Artūrs Skrastiņa Spogulija” at Daile Theater , was … Read more

Constituents criticized Piñera’s “attempt to plan” in his speech calling for the Convention

Some constituents did not receive in a good way and came out to criticize the speech made this Sunday by President Sebastián Piñera, who during the signature of the decree that calls the historic session of installation of the Constitutional Convention He recalled that this body has a specific mission, which is to prepare the … Read more