Trump wanted to put an official willing to promote the theory of electoral fraud as attorney general

Former US President Donald Trump tried to place as attorney general to a Department of Justice official named Jeffrey Clark with the aim of promoting investigations that would support the unfounded thesis of electoral fraud in the defeat of the tycoon in the presidential elections, according to Europa Press. As The New York Times has … Read more

Trump tried to place a related official as attorney general willing to push the theory of electoral fraud

MADRID, 23 One. (EUROPA PRESS) – Former US President Donald Trump tried to appoint a Justice Department official named Jeffrey Clark as attorney general with the aim of promoting investigations that supported the unfounded thesis of electoral fraud in the defeat of the tycoon in the presidential elections. As The New York Times has uncovered, … Read more

Attorney at law 100% (M / F) – Job offer at Adecco Staffing

100% associate lawyer (M / F) For a law firm from central Valais, we are looking for their future: 100% associate lawyer (M / F) Your challenge * Advise natural or legal persons* Manage legal files, initiate and follow legal proceedings* Represent legal or natural persons before the courts* Provide legal advice* Monitor regulatory developments … Read more

Villanueva de Sijena’s lawyer says that the arguments of the TS put the return of the paintings from Catalonia at risk

The lawyer of the Villanueva de Sijena City Council, Jorge Spanish, has warned that the ruling of the Supreme Court confirming the Aragonese ownership of the assets of the Sijena Monastery also opens a jurisprudential line that allows the sale of pieces from national monuments and thus endangers the return of wall paintings. The Supreme … Read more

Blessed Marcelo Spínola (The lawyer of the poor)

The fact that a man voluntarily renounced the title of Marquis of Spínola to become the “Archbishop of the beggars” must necessarily be interpreted as a gesture of profound humanity On January 14, 1835, on the San Fernando island adjacent to the Cadiz bay, the descendant of the Marquisate of the Spínola was born. “All … Read more

Tomorrow the judge will inform the lawyer Boye of his prosecution for alleged laundering of drug trafficking

MADRID, 17 (EUROPA PRESS) The judge of the National Court María Tardón will inform Gonzalo Boye this Monday of his prosecution along with 45 other people, including the popular drug trafficker José Ramón Prado Bugallo, “Sito Miñanco”, in a case for alleged participation in a criminal network to launder drug money. The head of the … Read more

Villarejo had a false ID in the eighties despite being outside the Police: lawyer José Javier Hidalgo

The exceptionality in which José Manuel Villarejo’s police career developed for four decades lasted during his decade on leave of absence, between 1983 and 1993. He has had access to an unpublished document: the identity card that the Ministry of the Interior issued to Villarejo in July 1984 with a false name and profession … Read more

After Ponton’s Firing, Alpine Considers New City Attorney Candidates – The Big Bend Sentinel

ALPINE – At an Alpine City Council meeting Tuesday night, officials considered new candidates for the city attorney position to replace Rod Ponton, who was fired by the city last year. Three candidates have stepped up, including former District Attorney Sandy Wilson. The Council also offered more context on Ponton’s firing, which occurred in November … Read more