No one offers asking price for Villa Aurora in Rome with Caravaggio on the ceiling

No rich person in the world was willing to make an opening bid of 353 million euros for the Villa Aurora, which houses numerous art treasures. There will be a new auction on April 7. The sixteenth-century Villa Aurora in Rome has the only ceiling painting that Caravaggio has ever made. There are also ceilings … Read more

R 18 M and the R 18 Aurora

BMW Motorrad presented the exclusive R 18 M and R 18 Aurora at the Verona Motor Bike Expo. These are two very sporty and aerodynamic unique projects. The Bavarian company presented a couple of exclusive and innovative motorcycles in Verona Motor Bike Expo, the BMW Motorrad R 18 My and the R 18 Aurora. The … Read more

This aurora borealis filmed by Thomas Pesquet was worth the wait

SPACE – “It’s absolutely wonderful. We are eight years old again”, comments a user after seeing the video posted this Sunday by Thomas Pesquet. The astronaut recovered the images of his mission Alpha aboard the ISS, which ended last November. He took the opportunity to share the video of the aurora borealis “the most intense … Read more

Observation of the “aurora borealis” in Stockholm | science and technology

The Swedish capital, Stockholm, witnessed, on Saturday, the natural phenomenon called “the aurora borealis” or “the northern lights”. Kjell Olausson, head of the Swedish astronomy department in Örebro, told state television that the aurora borealis were seen in the capital, Stockholm. Olusson confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic field experienced a rupture, causing the northern lights … Read more

Astrotourism, Astronomy Tourism Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere while Gazing at the Sky

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – the beauty of things-celestial objects at night brings up travel trends astrotourism. This tourist trend began when a tycoon from the United States named Dennis Anthony Tito traveled to the International Space Station orbiting as high as 400 kilometers above Earth, as quoted from scientific articles. Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative … Read more

The Queen is here! “White Night Aurora” Limited Time Event “Queen of Hourglass” New Light, New System Comes Coldly | 4Gamers

With the revision of the strategy online RPG mobile game “White Night Aurora”, the plot has finally advanced to another wave of new peaks. This event “Hourglass Queen” is rich in content, including new limited-time gameplay, reward activities, system adjustments, and a new special event book. The “queen” that everyone has been looking forward to … Read more

Could the Aurora Natural Phenomenon Occur in Indonesia?

Apart from one princess beautiful in the movie Sleeping Beauty, the aurora is also a very beautiful natural phenomenon. The dance of several spectrums of light among the stars of the night sky, is certainly a natural phenomenon that is very stunning and spoils the human eye. Aurora is one of the amazing natural phenomena … Read more

Green decorates Finland’s skies, with the first displays of the aurora borealis in 2022

Order News The first displays of the aurora borealis were recorded in 2022 in northern Finland on New Year’s Day, when the entire sky was covered in green. According to the Jeddah Astronomical Society, during the early hours of January 1, a crack opened in the Earth’s magnetic field. The solar wind flowed to light … Read more

Colors of the homeland | A European city will witness the first aurora borealis in 2022: “The sky is green”

​ The lights of the aurora borealis appeared in northern Finland for the first time in 2022, as the sky turned green, specifically during the early hours of January 1. Details of the appearance of the first aurora borealis in the sky According to what the Jeddah Astronomical Society stated, on its official page on … Read more