What is Atypical Autism, Does it Go away and Does it get better?

Atypical autism is also called mild autism or pseudo-autism. Atypical autism, which is a developmental disorder, shows the same symptoms as autism, but has a milder course. Therefore, the treatment period has an important place for children. In the article we have prepared for you, we have brought together everything about atypical autism. What is … Read more

New research: You can tell by the eyes of children whether they have ADHD or autism

Our eyes are said to be part of the brain and have grown out through the skull. And in recent years it has been discovered how diseases like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and MS can be seen long before they break out in those two hard-working and intricate organs in our faces. Researchers at Flinders University in … Read more

The covid-19 vaccine for children does not “give autism”, says Dr. Huerta in the face of speculation | Video

Posted at 20:47 ET (00:47 GMT) Monday, June 20, 2022 playing 3:28 Posted at 21:29 ET (01:29 GMT) Tuesday, June 21, 2022 3:34 Posted at 11:21 ET (15:21 GMT) Tuesday, June 21, 2022 1:08 Posted at 15:54 ET (19:54 GMT) Monday, June 20, 2022 4:17 Posted at 19:47 ET (23:47 GMT) Friday, June 17, 2022 … Read more

Ontario autism study: deep brain stimulation and self-harm – Reuters

A nine-year-old Canadian girl with autism spectrum disorder has ‘astonished’ her doctors and scientists after they were able to send electrical signals to her brain that stopped her from inflicting serious injury on herself. Ellie Tomljanovic, who lives in Barrie, Ont., is the number one patient in a world-first study to find out if deep … Read more

Playing the drums, the cure for autism!

THE ESSENTIAL Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect approximately 700,000 people in France. Autism involves impairments in communication and social interaction associated with restriction and repetition of behaviours, interests and activities. “Previous research has demonstrated the positive role that learning to play drums can play in improving behavioral outcomes for children and adolescents with emotional and … Read more

“Look at our mosaics!” The Workshop-gym of life for young people with autism – Corriere.it

from Rosella Redaelli The activity of Cascina San Vincenzo was the birth of a laboratory that gives work and autonomy to 150 young people. And at the end of the day, anyone who wants to can stop and sleep. The association created a model center Music by Fabrizio de Andr in the background and Gabriele, … Read more

Therapy adapted to autism reduced stress in school –

Autism in some form is present in almost two percent of the population. Difficulties with social interaction, adapting to new situations and hypersensitivity to impressions, mean that people with autism are at a greater risk than others of suffering from certain psychiatric symptoms and stress. Lack of treatment adapted to autism – Since treatments that … Read more

Gene mutation in autism can be reversed with gene therapy

The study was conducted on “mini-brains” which allowed the researchers to mimic the effects of the mutation within the gene and assess how the change might improve cognitive function. Microscope images reveal significant differences in size and structure between brain organoids derived from a patient with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome (right) and a control (left) / Credit: … Read more