Paris Hilton reveals Harvey Weinstein raided the restrooms!! Told in the memoir released this month.

Paris Hilton, the most beautiful actress ever It is the latest star to reveal he was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, a former film mogul who is currently in prison for dozens of sex crimes. Until that is why the victims announced that they would not tolerate And gradually come out to reveal the bad … Read more

Prince Harry Autobiography: Richard Martineau Tells You a Story

The release of Prince Harry’s biography created a frenzy, even on the airwaves of QUB and LCN, thanks to the famous excerpts flushed out by Richard Martineau. • Read also: Prince Harry predicts that at least one of Prince William’s children will end up like him • Read also: Prince Harry breaks a Guinness record … Read more

This is how Prince William and Duchess Kate react to questions about Harry’s autobiography

Updated on 01/13/2023 06:59 Prince William and Duchess Kate have made their first public appointment since the release of Prince Harry’s controversial autobiography, Reserve. Apparently, William simply ignored inquiries about his brother. Also King Charles III. showed up in public. More news about nobility Once again, the British royals apparently want the antics of Prinz … Read more

King Charles, Camilla and why they wanted Kate Middleton to change her name, according to Prince Harry Spare’s autobiography

Prince Harry Spare’s autobiography is now officially in bookstores and available to order online. Although we already know to a large extent what the “bombshells” are in it, since copies of the book appeared a week before its premiere in some of the world’s major media outlets. Did Prince William touch his brother Shocking new … Read more

Balbaladi: Summary – Ahmed Adam in “Ink Secret 2”: I refuse to present my autobiography in an artistic work, and Salah Abdullah is most appropriate to present the character of Naguib Al-Rihani in Baladi

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Prince Harry, Spare, the death of his mother Princess Diana and his experience in Paris

It’s all too likely we’ll learn all the bigger revelations from Prince Harry’s autobiography before it even comes out. Spare is expected to hit bookstores on January 10, but five days before that a number of media outlets, including the Air Force, obtained copies of the book. Drugs, psychics, Nazis – more revelations from Prince … Read more

Harry blew himself up “17 years old and lost his virginity”… the woman who was driven as a stallion was suspected to be a 57-year-old god-level porn star | International | CTWANT

Prince Harry breaks the news like crazy in his new book. (Photo/Dazhi/Associated Press) Although Prince Harry’s autobiography “Spare” (Spare, temporary translation) has not yet been officially released, many contents have been exposed in advance. Harry not only blew up about the embarrassment of taking drugs and taking trash cans as human beings in the past, … Read more

In his autobiography, Prince Harry claims to have killed 25 people in Afghanistan

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex has twice deployed to fight the Taliban: in 2007-2008 he served as a forward air controller announcing airstrikes, and in 2012-2013 he piloted an attack helicopter. In his book Spare, due out next week, he said he flew six missions as a pilot that “took lives,” the Daily Telegraph reported. … Read more

Scheinpflug waited 15 years to get married, her mother-in-law forced her to have an abortion

The writer and only wife of the famous writer Karel Čapek, Olga Scheinpflugová was outwardly a very gifted and successful actress, but her privacy was marked by forbidden love. Karel Čapek’s family refused their marriage for many years. When Olga and Karl became pregnant, more problems began. She started acting at the age of 15 … Read more

Prince Harry: his “vitriol” autobiography

Prince Harry © Peters Doug/EMPICS Entertainment/ABACA fire. Expected in January, the autobiography of Prince Harry baptized the Substitute would contain very compromising information for the crown according to Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre and could put it in more danger than the series The Crown. “It’s the real bomb. Netflix, we can hide behind the fact that there … Read more