WhatsApp | How to activate the ‘automatic answers’ so that WhatsApp answers when you can’t? | trick | WhatsAppBusiness | Android | iPhone | iOS | tutorials

Though WhatsApp is the instant messaging application largest in the world, many users do not know all the tricks what’s hidding. One of the most important, which does not require the installation of software developed by third parties, allows activate automatic replies on your phone Android o iOS. Do you want to know how? Here … Read more

Confused to choose, there are this many used motorbikes of Rp. 2 million, from automatic to ducks!

Rudy Hansend/ GridOto.com Illustration of a used motorbike with a price tag of Rp. 2 million Otomania.com – Confused to choose, there are this many Secondhand motorcycle Which is priced at Rp. 2 million. Hear the word Rp. 2 million, at least you can only make a down payment on a motorcycle purchase. Eits, wait … Read more

Finally found out, this is the cause of the automatic motor CVT vibrates, it turns out to be trivial

Otoseken.id – Finally found out, this is the cause of CVT automatic motorcycle brittle. It turned out to be very trivial, bestie. Rarely checked when servicing CVT, it turns out there is a small rubber that can make the CVT matic motor vibrate when worn. Small rubber that often escapes inspection when servicing a CVT … Read more

Enter D position when the automatic car stops, the driver is targeted by danger, the impact can be worse than a broken transmission

Radityo Herdianto/GridOto.com Illustration. This danger targets automatic car drivers who put gear into position D when the car stops. Otomania.com -Enter Position D When Mobil Matic Stop, Driver Targeted by Danger, The Impact Can Be Worse Than A Broken Transmission Quite a lot circulating among the automotive public about mythsthe myth of driving an automatic … Read more

Here are the steps to set up automatic scanning in this email to avoid the accumulation of messages

With companies dealing and communicating with everyone via e-mail due to the development of the world, the accumulation of messages has become a tiring matter. In many cases, we do not have the time to inspect all the messages, determine their importance by memorizing or deleting them by deleting them, which leads to their accumulation … Read more

How to use a manual transmission with an automatic transmission

Modern automatic transmissions offer the option of manual shifting in addition to the automatic. We provide advice on how and when to use it correctly to achieve the best possible results. In most modern automatic transmissions, there is a function that everyone knows about, but few can really use it correctly and smartly. This is … Read more

Change Automatic Transmission Oil Can You Tap Manually Or Do You Have to Use a Flushing Tool?

Oki Sulistio Illustration of Automatic Oil Drain Otomotifnet.com – Like the engine, on automatic transmission Also need regular oil changes. However, the automatic oil change interval is usually longer than engine oil. “Because generally automatic transmissions, both conventional AT and CVT, use long life type oil whose lifespan can reach 80,000 – 100,000 kilometers,” said … Read more

Airbus A330 MRTT is the world’s first certified for automatic aerial refueling

The A330 MRTT automatically refueling another A330 – Image: Airbus The Airbus A330 MRTT became the world’s first tanker to be certified for daylight automatic air-to-air refueling (A3R) operations after a successful campaign in collaboration with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). ). Certified by the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), this … Read more

if you exceed € 5000 the automatic blow arrives, official confirmation, defend yourself

The relationship of Italians with banks in this period is anything but simple. But now comes the sting over €5000 and it is definitely the case to avoid it in every way. ANSA / RENATO OLIMPO The Italians in this period are suffering the very hard increases on the cost of living. The threshold of … Read more

Does Kawasaki have an automatic motorbike like Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX, how much does it cost?

COPPER–is Kawasaki have a motorbike matic? If so, how much does the motorbike cost? matic Kawasaki this. So far Kawasaki known as a manufacturer that produces classy motor sport that is no doubt. Then came the curiosity of consumers. is Kawasaki have a motorbike matic? If there is, what is the name of the motor? … Read more