“Next year”: Elon Musk has been promising autonomous vehicles every year since 2014 (VIDEO)

Published: 21 ene 2022 21:44 GMT Tesla has received a number of criticisms from users about the safety of its autopilot software ‘Autopilot’. Tesla founder Elon Musk has continuously promised fully autonomous vehicles every year since 2014, and people are beginning to wonder if they will ever actually arrive. A video shared on YouTube, which … Read more

Autonomous tractors and robots land on farms

Unmanned vehicles for plowing large areas or weeding vegetable fields: the venerable American tractor manufacturer John Deere and the French agricultural robot start-up Naïo have chosen the tech show in Las Vegas to present their novelties. For farmers who must juggle labor shortages, climate change and environmental protection, while feeding a growing global population, builders … Read more

Deere unveils fully autonomous tractor at CES 2022 | Business

The large farm-oriented universal stand-alone tractor is based on the Deere 8R Series farm machinery, and existing tractors in this series can be upgraded with an autonomous steering system, Deere & Co. emphasized. Deere plans to start offering fully autonomous tractors to farmers later this year. The Wall Street Journal notes that this is not … Read more

Kawasaki shows its new autonomous cargo aircraft that is loaded and unloaded by robots

Published: 31 dic 2021 12:45 GMT The aerial vehicle is powered by a supercharged Ninja H2R motorcycle engine, also manufactured by the Japanese company. Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki recently announced the successful completion of prototype testing of its latest cargo transport unmanned aerial vehicle. Christened the K-RACER-X1, it is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed … Read more

Gas DAO distributed tokens for free to Ethereum users :: RBC.Crypto

The GAS cryptocurrency was received by the holders of the largest altcoin by capitalization, who spent more than $ 1.5 thousand on commissions for transactions in the network. Decentralized Autonomous Organization Gas DAO released own GAS management tokens and distributed 55% of the emission among active Ethereum users. The cryptocurrency was received by Ethereum holders, … Read more

The golden age of Russian technology, here is the self-driving Lada

How is an autonomous road vehicle tested? – the poetic question is raised by NAMI, the Russian state automotive research institute. Fortunately, we don’t have to answer that, they do it with an informative video in Russian. However, in the short shot below, a truly existing vehicle is driving without a driver, namely a Lada … Read more

The world’s first Tesla baby was born smoothly, relying on autonomous driving to stabilize the electric car

Tesla has repeatedly stated that drivers cannot fully rely on the autonomous driving system at present, and still need to sit in the driver’s seat and hold the wheel in their hands. Many people doubt that its autonomous driving system is like a tasteless one. But there was a “Tesla accident” that was very heartwarming. … Read more

How and where to download the COVID passport in each autonomous community

The appearance of the Omicron variant and the rise in cumulative incidence have been the definitive causes for some autonomous communities to resort to the mandatory COVID passport. The new infections have risen almost alarmingly and some regional governments have not waited to act. The WHO recommendations on Omicron and the data on the rise, … Read more

Mercedes-Benz overcame Tesla and reached a major milestone in autonomous driving. His system was the first in the world to reach level 3

Despite the fact that, in connection with the area of ​​autonomous driving, perhaps most people will be attacked by the much-mentioned Autopilot system from Tesla, it is far from the only carmaker that is trying to move in this area. On the contrary, German brands in particular and Mercedes-Benz in particular have been leaders in … Read more

Mercedes-Benz Receives Level 3 Autonomous Driving Approval

3 Mercedes-Benz has obtained approval to deploy its Level 3 autonomous driving technology at the start of 2022. The new S-Class and EQS will be the first models to be equipped with it. Mercedes-Benz obtains approval for level 3 autonomous driving. This system will first be implemented in the new Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes EQS, … Read more