This Argentine lawyer, against stablecoins and Ethereum: what does he say?

“Stablecoins are a type of scam,” said Argentine lawyer Camilo Jorajuría de León in a question and answer session on Bitcoin. During the talk organized by the legal and accounting consultancy We&Law, this professional, coordinator of Legal and Accounting Issues of the ONG Bitcoin Argentina, expressed himself on various matters related to cryptocurrencies, like calls … Read more

Apple and Hyundai plan to partner to produce electric cars

Reuters Mexico City / 10.01.2021 13:00:01 Hyundai Motor and Apple Inc plan to sign a partnership agreement for autonomous electric cars by March and begin production in 2024 in the United States, the local newspaper reported on Sunday. Korea IT News. The report follows a Friday statement from Hyundai Motor announcing initial talks with Apple, … Read more

The story of the lawyer who scammed Bon Jovi, Sharapova and others

Marc Stuart Dreier was a successful New York lawyer who, exploiting his fame, created a financial scheme with which he swindled the rich and famous from various countries. Your name is likely to go unnoticed by most people, except those who fell victim to your scams. In fact, his prominence in the media had little … Read more

SOY increases the RISK of BREAST CANCER: myth or reality?

The consumption of soy products has increased in recent years and some studies indicate that it could be related to breast cancer Soy consumption has increased in recent years. Studies show that a diet rich in soy foods reduces the risk of having breast cancer in women, as explained from the official site of the … Read more

what happened on a day like today

Like every day, these are some of the relevant events that happened on this same date but a few years ago. Find out what it is about On January 7, 1714, the English Henry Mill received the first patent for the first typewriter. (UK No. 395). It cannot be said that the typewriter have a … Read more

Apple CEO golden rule

An entrepreneur managed to found his own company and grow it quickly thanks to a key lesson he took from the CEO of Apple Many thought that no one would be able to fill Steve Jobs’s shoes at Apple. However, it has become the most valuable company in the world under the leadership of its … Read more

Galperin Marketing Expert Shared “Recipe for Success”

Scott Galloway of New York University spoke about coping with personal frustrations and improving in the workplace and academia Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University (NYU) and author of books on digital marketing, closed the year by sharing a single image on his social media profiles that, according to him, sums up the … Read more

retirement and pension payment dates January 2021

The National Social Security Administration reported the collection schedule for all its benefits for January 2021. Access the full schedule The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) already informed the payment schedule for January 2021 for all your benefitsincluding retirements, pensions, non-contributory pensions, Universal Allowance for Child and Pregnancy, Unemployment Benefit and Family Allowances and Single … Read more

What to see on NETFLIX this weekend: 6 MOVIES of astronauts

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO, among other platforms, have a small selection of movies that take place in space. As children, children dream. Some dream of being doctors, others want to be detectives as seen in the movies, and others want to be astronauts. It is a rare job, difficult to obtain for many, … Read more