Sea freight: Federal government wants to ratify average agreement

Berlin. The federal government wants to create better compensation rules in the event of ship accidents. The cabinet approved bills on Wednesday that would allow ratification of the international agreement on liability and compensation in the event of an accident. “We are thus creating the conditions to at least economically mitigate damage from accidents,” said … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccine shows 70% “average efficacy”

AstraZeneca vaccine has average efficacy of 70% 1:12 (CNN) — Results from clinical trials of the Oxford AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine show that it has “an average efficacy of 70%”, with a dosage regimen showing 90% efficacy, the pharmaceutical company said Monday in a press release. . ‘Interestingly, we have found that one of our dosing … Read more

What is COVID-19 fatality and what is the current average in Mexico

What is COVID-19 fatality and what is the current average in Mexico (Photo: Jacky Muniello / Europa Press)In Mexico, During the last 24 hours, 165 deaths from coronavirus were reported, which leaves an average mortality of 1.9 until epidemiological week 45, as well as a fatality of 3.3% in the same period of time. Although … Read more

Healthcare Tightens Limits for Average Low Risk Alcohol Consumption

The Ministry of Health has reduced limits for average low-risk alcohol consumptionl, who are now in 20 g / day for men and 10 g / day for women, assuming that any consumption, no matter how minimal, “involves risk.” “Consuming alcohol above these limits entails higher mortality compared to not drinking or drinking at a … Read more

Spending on classical music concerts in Navarra triples the country’s average

The average expenditure per inhabitant on classical music concerts was 2.85 euros last year in Navarra, for the 97 cents on average that were spent in the rest of the State, according to the SGAE Yearbook of Performing, Musical and Audiovisual Arts. Navarra is the Autonomous Community with the highest average expenditure per inhabitant in … Read more

Real estate: record for the average duration of loans in France

The banking authorities ask banks to be vigilant by no longer granting any credit exceeding 25 years of monthly payments. (Pixabay / AlexanderStein) The average duration of new mortgage loans granted by banks reached records, going from 230 to 235 months, or 19.6 years in October, according to the Housing Credit Observatory / CSA. The … Read more

Aragon registers 85 deaths from covid in 7 days and already doubles the incidence of the national average

The coronavirus pandemic remains uncontrolled in Aragon, which remains among the autonomous communities with the worst epidemiological data. In the last seven days there have been 85 deaths from covid and hospital pressure continues to increase, exceeding 48% occupancy of ucis with patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, despite the fact that intensive care beds have … Read more

Santiago Gil: «Loans in Alicante raise the average because there are good jewels and watches»

Santiago Gil, in a conference. information Q Does this province have any particularity in terms of the jewelery that customers present? A The average loan is higher than in the rest of the network, 635 euros compared to 615 in the others, and that has to do with the fact that there are better jewels. … Read more