Finances in extreme tension: a multinational mega operation seeks to restore confidence and avoid a global banking crisis

Unlike the 2008/2009 crisis, this time it is a clear and classic crisis of confidence (REUTERS / Moritz Hager) The reason for the existence of banks and the banking and financial systems is that money and credit –the “merchandise” that they multiply and offer– provide the functions of a medium of exchange in the economy … Read more

Watch out for demonstrations, avoid this road

Ferry SandiCNBC Indonesia News Tuesday, 21/03/2023 06:20 WIB Photo: Thousands of workers staged a demonstration against the ratification of the Omnibus Law on Job Creation in front of the DPR/MPR RI Building, Tuesday (14/3/2023). (CNBC Indonesia/Trisusilo) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The masses of workers plan to hold a demonstration today, Tuesday (21/3/2023). According to Labor … Read more

Most men with prostate cancer can avoid or delay aggressive treatments, study suggests

Over the years, studies and models have shown that using regular PSA tests to screen for prostate cancer can do more harm than good. Most men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer can delay or avoid aggressive treatments without harming their chances of survival, show new results from a long-term UK study. Men in the … Read more

recommended foods and foods to avoid

Which is the best diabetic diet? Let’s start by saying that the diabetes it’s a metabolic disease increasingly widespread, not to be underestimated, the symptoms of which can appear even after a long time. Depends on what? When the body fails to metabolize carbohydrates properly because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, it causes … Read more

You should avoid traveling here this summer – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

Almost half of Norwegians plan to travel abroad this year, according to a survey carried out for the travel agency Ticket. But it costs. Inflation and a weak krone exchange rate mean that many people going abroad on holiday must expect to spend far more money than before. Countries such as Spain, Thailand and Great … Read more

the unexpected drop in consumption has made it possible to avoid cuts this winter

In the premises of RTE’s national operations center, on February 26, 2018 in Saint-Denis, during a cold spell. GERARD JULIEN / AFP Never in several decades has the risk of power cuts been so high. Tensions over gas supply in the context of the war in Ukraine, historic unavailability of the nuclear fleet due to … Read more

Today’s Economic Journal – Financial Investment – Bancassurance’s Troubled Eyes to Avoid Distressed Financial Stocks – Hang Seng – Financial Peak

March 17, 2023 Hengsheng Financial Summit Zoom in picture / show original image Financial turmoil is brewing in the United States and Europe. Following the chain explosion of three regional banks in the United States, a banking crisis also emerged in Europe. European investment bank Credit Suisse confirmed that there were major flaws in the … Read more

What is the rebound effect linked to psychotropic drugs and how to avoid it

*(Page updated on March 13, 2023) Effect rebound: when it is linked to psychotropic drugs “Bounce Effect”: this is the Italian translation to effect reboundphenomenon that occurs after a abrupt withdrawal of a psychotropic drug and leading to significant negative consequences, including the return and exacerbation of the original symptom. To clarify how the effect … Read more