Turkey’s Foreign Ministry condemns the murder of an Iranian physicist and asks to avoid escalation

//cdn1.img.sputniknews.com/i/logo-itemprop.png Sputnik Internacional //cdn2.img.sputniknews.com/i/logo.png Sputnik //cdn2.img.sputniknews.com/i/logo.png //sputniknews.com/middleeast/202011281081306280-turkish-foreign-ministry-condemns-killing-of-iranian-physicist-calls-for-avoiding-escalation/ On Friday, Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian nuclear physicist and head of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s innovation center, was killed in an attack by gunmen in the city of Absard in the Tehran region, causing outrage and condemnation in the Middle East. The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the “heinous assassination” … Read more

Sporting, pending to close a loan to avoid the sale of players

Sporting, pending to close a loan to avoid the sale of players The rojiblancos already add more points than in the entire first round last year Squaring the numbers is Sporting’s main goal. The League has set him a salary cap of 5.7 million euros, which he exceeds. The budget for the first team is … Read more

Defensive points saved: Who are the players who avoid the most on their own field? | NBA.com Argentina

While in attack there are different types of statistics to use to assess a player, the story is very different in defense. For decades, being able to quantify individual defensive impact has been one of the obsessions of analytical specialists in this sport and specifically in the NBA. And although we have some interesting callsigns … Read more

Digital Marketing: Avoid these mistakes in your Facebook campaigns

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play As intuitive as the advertising platforms of social networks are, there are errors in which you can fall if you do not have good control or adequate knowledge. One of the failures that can affect the most is not managing the budget … Read more

Decisive days in Brexit to avoid factory closures

Has arrived crunch time for Brexit. After having gone through countless extensions, the deadline for reaching a trade agreement comes to an end. The European Union and UK face “decisive days”, according to the president of the European Commission, to find out if Brexit will be done without an agreement or by moderating or eliminating … Read more

Dallas County Reports 541 New Covid-19 Infections; ask to avoid meetings for Thanksgiving

Dallas County reported 541 new COVID-19 cases and eight deaths on Monday. Tarrant reported 1,124 new infections. These numbers marked the start of the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, and local health authorities are asking residents to avoid mass gatherings to curb the spread of infections. “This year, I hope everyone has a meaningful Thanksgiving, … Read more

Camavinga returns to avoid Chelsea’s lead

Being practically already Krasnodar and Rennes eliminated, Sevilla and Chelsea will compete for the leadership of Group E of the Champions League in the three remaining days. Today, before the French team (follow the game live on AS.com), Londoners will regain Havertz, off due to coronavirus, now Thiago Silva to try to maintain the good … Read more

Chelsea and Barcelona seek to seal their pass to the second round, while PSG will avoid being eliminated

On a new round of the UEFA Champions League, many of the favorite teams will seek to secure their place in the round of 16 and others will risk their lives to avoid the surprise of being eliminated. There are 32 teams that will try to snatch the European trophy from Bayern Munich, and for … Read more

They are, from running to avoid their country to doing it for Mourinho

Pablo Lodeiro Updated:11/22/2020 01: 33h save Related news The cameras were focused, of course, on Mourinho and Guardiola, protagonists of an outdated morbidity, because for years they have greeted each other as the companions of fatigue that they are. The first 5 minutes of the game between Tottenham and Manchester City yesterday were a perfect … Read more

With urban art, they call to avoid throwing garbage in sewers of Ecatepec

Ecatepec, Mex.- Turtles, seals, characters and landscapes emerge from sewers of the Miguel Hidalgo colony, as part of the program “Adopt a strainer”, To keep them clean, free of garbage and turn them into urban art. The project tries to create awareness in the community not to throw garbage on public roads and turn the … Read more