Doctor’s Recipe Guide to Handling and Medicine for Measles in Babies

One of the concerns of parents for babies and children is measles. In 2010, Indonesia was the country with the third highest incidence rate of measles in Southeast Asia. The World Health Organization notes that there were 6,300 confirmed cases in Indonesia throughout 2013. Giving measles medicine to babies is important for controlling symptoms. In … Read more

Cold Sweat in Babies, Can be Symptoms of Hypoglycemia to Congenital Heart Disease – All Pages

Babies experiencing cold sweat should not be underestimated. – A cold sweat not only experienced by adults. Child, even now cold sweats may occur. Cold sweats in babies The occurrence is similar in adults. For example, when cold sweat appears, the skin and body tend to be colder than normal body temperature. Just like … Read more

In Burkina Faso, the army freed kidnapped women and babies

Burkina Faso’s RTB television channel, referring to the army’s “operation”, showed pictures of the women freed and brought to the capital Ouagadougou on Friday on its main evening news. This news was confirmed to the AFP news agency by several security sources. The women and babies were abducted last week, Thursday and Friday, near Arbinda … Read more

Burkina Faso army frees more than sixty kidnapped women, children and babies

Junta leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré (center) of Burkina Faso on archive footage.Image AFP The 27 women and 39 children, including four babies, were abducted last week near the town of Arbinda, in the north of the country. They were believed to have been captured by jihadist insurgents as they searched for food near their villages. … Read more

62 women and babies rescued after kidnapping in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, soldiers have freed 62 kidnapped women and four babies, according to state television and a security source. Pictures of the women who were taken to the capital Ouagadougou after the liberation were shown on Friday on state television in the West African country. Several security sources confirmed to the AFP news agency … Read more

Photos of babies with lush hair: a newborn baby struck doctors with an unusual appearance – look too cute photos |

She later said that she was often stopped on the street and asked about her daughter’s thick hair. Interestingly, Nitya’s hair (that’s the name of the baby) never fell out and continues to grow thick and long. It is noteworthy that Yamini suffered from severe heartburn throughout her pregnancy – this, if you believe the … Read more

A green environment may affect the health of babies by changing the composition of breast milk! | GeneOnline News

Living in a green environment can affectbreast milkThe composition of oligosaccharides (oligosaccharides), which may affect the health of infants. According to a study conducted by the University of Turku in Finland, an increase in the diversity and proportion of green environments in residential areas is closely related to an increase in the diversity of oligosaccharide … Read more

5 Characteristics of Rotavirus Diarrhea in Babies – Rotavirus is one of the viruses that causes diarrhea in infants which is quite common. Diarrhea rotavirus can be dangerous because it can cause complications of dehydration in a short time which is at risk of being fatal, especially in babies under two years of age. To increase awareness of this disease, recognize … Read more