Hospital patients extra sick due to resistant bacteria

Hospital patients who carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria unnoticed have an average 14 percent chance of developing an infection within a month of admission that is barely combatable. This is what Amsterdam UMC writes, which publishes the research results in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. With certain types of bacteria, the chance of misery is even 19 percent. … Read more

The increase in the upper respiratory tract due to viruses and bacteria has become an epidemic

As soon as I get rid of the Covid-19 measures, a deep “Oh!” we had shot. On the other hand, we saw that we could not take into account the increase in upper respiratory infections due to other viruses and bacteria. In the current period, flu epidemics do not end. Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of … Read more

Doctors burn center Beverwijk want more awareness of ‘flesh-eating bacteria’

The so-called flesh-eating bacteria is becoming more common in the Netherlands. That’s what experts from burn center Beverwijk say. “We suspect that there were twice as many cases nationwide last year,” says pediatric and burns surgeon Annebeth de Vries of the Red Cross Hospital, as the center is officially called. “But absolute numbers are small … Read more

ITC – [SPOILER] – Bacteria in the kitchen! – Here it all starts

A twist in the kitchen, the salted butter that the students used is potentially infected. All dishes are good to throw away! But, Jude and Jasmine are not let down. Spoiler for episode 592 of Here it all begins. Find “Here everything begins”, Monday to Friday at 6:35 p.m. on TF1.

Combination of infection and bacteria kills young people, doctors UMCG alert

‘No, I think that would really mean giving too many people antibiotics. This in turn has the disadvantage that these bacteria become resistant to it. These are really patients who have a completely different clinical picture than at the GP. No cold or flu. They become so ill within a day that they vomit violently, … Read more

Sharp rise in infections with flesh-eating bacteria

Doctors are seeing a sharp rise in infections caused by group A streptococci, also known as the flesh-eating bacteria. According to Jan Sinnige, medical microbiologist at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, the current increase in respiratory infections such as flu contributes to the increase: “The reduced exposure to common respiratory viruses and streptococci in … Read more

Invisible danger in the Baltic. Swimming in the sea almost cost Jaroslav his life

A holiday by the Baltic Sea could have cost 45-year-old Jaroslav from the Polish village of Jarocin his life. While swimming in the sea, he contracted the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio, which caused a serious infection in his leg. It eventually led to sepsis, and the man even spent two weeks in a coma. After almost … Read more

Too often poop bacteria: Sloterplas beach no longer an official swimming location

The beach at the Sloterplas loses the status of an official swimming location. The faecal bacteria has been found too often in the water during the summer months. The municipality will investigate how they can get the water cleaner. At the beach in Nieuw-West, which is also used every year for the new year’s dive, … Read more

Jelle Vossen feared the worst after flesh-eating bacteria hit him: “My wife and youngest daughter were there when I couldn’t breathe” | Exclusive for subscribers

Belgian football“I coughed up blood clots, couldn’t breathe.” Jelle Vossen (33) candidly tells his story after he was struck by a flesh-eating bacteria. “I should have waited longer to go to the emergency room…” That is why the striker of Zulte Waregem also has an important message. Axel Brisart 27-01-23, 11:52 Latest update: 27-01-23, 16:07 … Read more