1.2 million deaths from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

A disease or infection is caused by a virus or bacteria. For example, covid-19 and colds are viral. Bladder and pneumonia are examples of bacterial infections. Both a viral and bacterial infection can sometimes heal on its own. But when people get very sick from a bacterial infection, antibiotics can save lives. We have good … Read more

Mont-Dore: mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia bacteria have taken off in Boulari | LNC.nc

The World mosquito program arrives among the Mondoriens. More than 2,000 mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria were released on Monday at the Place des Accords in Boulari. True allies in the fight against dengue who will be deployed until the end of June. .

Resistant bacteria on hedgehogs

The hedgehog can carry a fungus on its skin that naturally produces antibiotics. © Adobe StockThe hedgehog can carry a fungus on its skin that naturally produces antibiotics. © Adobe Stock Share this article on: Posted on 11.01.2022 Antibiotics’ A bacteria present on hedgehogs acquired resistance to an antibiotic in the 19th century. The phenomenon … Read more

Resistant bacteria already existed in hedgehogs before the use of antibiotics | Health

“The discoveries are no reason to fear hedgehogs”, warns the caption of the accompanying photograph the article published in the latest issue of the magazine Nature with new data on atmultiresistant bacteria emida. The work reveals that the multiresistant bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (known as MRSA) already existed in hedgehogs long before the clinical use of … Read more

TB is a lung disease, know the symptoms and how to prevent it

Merdeka.com – Tuberculosis (TB) or often called TB is the largest infectious disease in the world after HIV. TB disease can be caused by the presence of bacilli from the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease can affect any part of the body, but TB is the most common in the lungs. TB disease is spread … Read more

More suffer from resistant bacteria after operations abroad

A printout from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-01-03 19:37 The original address of the article: https://www.dn.se/vetenskap/fler-drabbas-av-resistenta-bakterier-efter-operationer-utomlands/ Updated 10:34 Published 5:59 p.m. Angelica Isaksen performed several cosmetic surgeries in Turkey and suffered from resistant bacteria. The idea was that it would be cheaper to do them in Turkey, but she was forced to do several expensive operations afterwards … Read more

Sexually transmitted bacteria panic: ‘May be antibiotic resistant’

In the news in the British media, it was reported that a very rare gonorrhea bacterium, which is very rare and thought to be resistant to antibiotics, was detected. The British press, who wrote that gonorrhea was detected in a heterosexual man in his early 20s living in the capital London, announced that this bacterium … Read more

‘It is not Burgundian blood, but purple bacteria’ (Schoten)

Not only the whole of Schoten, but half of Flanders has been under the spell of the purple moat near the castle of Schoten in recent days. It became immediately clear that there was no toxic pollution involved. There was no discharge source, the water doesn’t smell and the ducks don’t seem to be bothered … Read more

Symptoms of lymph node cancer, know the causes and how to prevent it

Cancer illustration. ©2013 Merdeka.com/Shutterstock/Rashevskyi Viacheslav Merdeka.com – The human body has lymph nodes that play a role in helping fight infections, whether caused by bacteria or viruses. Basically, lymph nodes are found all over the body. However, if there is a disturbance, the swelling condition only occurs in the neck area, armpits, and under the … Read more

Often Considered the Same, Here’s the Difference between Kefir and Yogurt

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Fermented milk that is processed into kefir and yogurt is often considered the same. Though, the two preparations milk fermentation is different. The differences between kefir and yogurt, especially those that are easy to observe regarding texture. Yogurt has a thicker texture than kefir. However, the milk globules in kefir are softer. … Read more