Will there be a run against the weight when I’m done?

The MEP dollar and the cash with settlement (CCL) are cheap in historical terms and adjusted for inflation. This, explain analysts, can be “unhealthy” and lead to a possible run against the peso from January, when the soybean dollar runs outespecially if external conditions weaken. “Cash with liqui is cheap because the Central Bank has … Read more

Will the fixed term pay more after the dollar rises?: This will be done by the BCRA

Since September, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has not touched the performance of the traditional fixed term. Last time, he took it to 75% (Annual Nominal Rate -TNA), which is equivalent to an Annual Effective Rate (TEA) of 107%. Until that month, it had been adjusting the performance of these investment instruments … Read more

the new price of the DOLLAR projected by 40 experts

In recent months, the government of Alberto Fernández was able to enjoy a certain exchange rate peace, with an official dollar that is advancing slowly -almost on a par with inflation- and “ironed” parallel exchange rates. Analysts attribute this situation to the success of the so-called “soybean dollar“, the program launched by Minister Sergio Massa … Read more

Fixed terms: How much does each bank pay today, Thursday, November 3?

This Thursday, November 3, there was a rise in interest rates for Fixed deadlines in pesos offered by banks, according to the survey published daily by the Banco Central. How much does each bank pay today for fixed terms in pesos? Ten banks with the highest volume of deposits FINANCIAL ENTITY CUSTOMERS NOT CUSTOMERS Bank … Read more

how is the devaluation of Massa that worries the market

Sergio Massa will put into practice his riskiest move: solving the problem of the “short blanket” that arises from having to choose whether to prioritize imports for industry or Central Bank reserves. And he will do it in the only possible way; that is, with a devaluation. But it will be a devaluation in his … Read more

Market expected primary surplus of R$847 million, but totaled R$10.9 billion

The payment of dividends by Petrobras and the record collection made the public accounts register, in September, the second largest positive result in the historical series for the month. Last month, the Central Government – ​​National Treasury, Social Security and Central Bank – registered a primary surplus of R$ 10.954 billion, the National Treasury announced … Read more

when should you go up to disarm the Leliqs ball

It is the price that the official dollar would have to have so that the amount of gross reserves is equal to the stock of remunerated liabilities of the entity By Charles Keller 22/10/2022 – 07,30hs Rumors in the market that there could be a new bonex plan They started a month ago. Some believe … Read more

this is the new forecast of 40 experts

In the last few weeks, the Government was able to enjoy a certain exchange rate peace, which was underpinned by the success of the so-called “soybean dollar“, the program launched by Minister Sergio Massa to encourage grain settlements and, thus, add reserves to the Central Bank. However, once this differential scheme for soybeans ended, field … Read more

Changes in credit card bills can reduce the number of people who get into debt, says BC – Renda Extra

A change in the presentation of information on the credit card bill tends to facilitate consumers’ understanding and, consequently, encourage payment. This is what an experiment shows, which evaluates the layout of card invoices, described in the REB (Banking Economy Report) of 2021. A preview of the document was released this Wednesday (5) by the … Read more

Simulate a fixed term with a new interest rate: how much can you earn

The fixed term It’s one of the most popular savings instruments from Argentina. Among the reasons why it is chosen over other options are its ease of operation, the guaranteed interest rate, among other features. Currently, as a way of encourage savings in national currency, the national government has significantly increased the interest rate of … Read more