“It has been known for two weeks.” A banking expert on the decision to suspend the 2 certificates

07:33 PM Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Books – Muhammad Abu Al-Majd: Sahar El-Damati, a banking expert, said that the decision to stop the 25% certificates in Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt Bank was known at least two weeks ago, and what is new is that the same certificate was offered in Banque du Caire along with … Read more

BCP | BBVA | Scotiabank | Interbank | Peruvian banking | Digitization | Goodbye to the offices, everything will be through apps | ECONOMY

Although the world had advanced faster, the pandemic was one of the ‘pushes’ that Peruvian banks needed to accelerate their digitization. Management spoke with the four main entities in this sector –Credit Bank of Peru (BCP), BBVA Peru, Scotiabank Peru e Interbank– to understand which path they will follow from now on. Go to the … Read more

Binance’s SWIFT banking partner will ban US dollar transfers below $100,000

Binance has informed its retail client base of a potential deposit service outage that could stop incoming and outgoing bank payment transfers. The service interruption will affect users of US dollar bank accounts who wish to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for less than USD 100,000 through the SWIFT payment system. The discontinuation will take effect … Read more

Banking expert: The 25% certificates control inflation and collect liquidity from the market

Sahar El-Damaty, a banking expert, confirmed that certificates with an interest rate of 25% dominate inflation And she collects liquidity from the market, saying: I urge all people who possess the currency to dispense with it, and to enter into high-interest certificates, as well as Egyptians abroad. And Sahar El-Damaty added, in a telephone interview … Read more

After the US market got off to a mixed start yesterday, US futures resumed trading in losses today. US bond yields continue to rise again. European futures and Asian markets got off to a mixed start. The Dow Jones started with a fall and advanced four days in a row last week, losing 1.14% yesterday after Goldman Sachs reported its biggest loss in a decade. Falling travel and communications stocks also weighed on the Dow Jones. Morgan Stanley advanced more than 5% yesterday after reporting strong last quarter results. Tesla, Nvidia and Apple advanced to give the Nasdaq a positive close yesterday. Worse economic data from China also dampened global market sentiment yesterday. Economic data including the Bank of Japan’s policy announcement and UK and Eurozone retail inflation figures are also important for the market today. US retail sales figures, industrial production figures and James Ballard’s speech will determine the course of the US market. Nifty was the first foreign funds to buy in 2023 and the Indian market closed with gains after a subdued start yesterday. Energy, FMCG, Infra, IT sectors and Reliance, HDFC Bank, Hind Uni Lever and TCS also benefitted the market. Jefferies gave a ‘buy’ signal with a target of Rs 3100 for Reliance yesterday after a big fall. The Nifty, which closed at 18053 points up close to one percent, is looking for support at 17930 points, 17880 points and 17800 points. After 18080 points, resistance can be expected at 18130 points and 18200 points. Bank Nifty HDFC Bank advanced but lacked support from other banking stocks, which limited Bank Nifty’s advance to 67 points. Bank Nifty which closed at 42235 points may find support at 41960 points and 41800 points. Bank Nifty’s resistances are at 42500 points and 42700 points. Results Companies like Indus Ind Bank, Central Bank of India, CCL Product, OFSS, Percent, PSP Project, Rallis India, Surya Roshni, Shemaro etc. are also announcing the recruitment results. Crude Oil Crude oil advanced on hopes of US data yesterday after China published poor economic data. U.S. retail sales and industrial production figures due today are also important for crude oil. US oil price crossed 80 dollars yesterday. Gold The US 10-year bond yield crossed 3.54% yesterday and gold also corrected yesterday. International gold prices fell below 1910 dollars yesterday. US Fed decisions are also important for gold.

After the US market got off to a mixed start yesterday, US futures resumed trading in losses today. US bond yields continue to rise again. European futures and Asian markets got off to a mixed start. The Dow Jones began with a fall The Dow Jones, which had advanced four days in a row last … Read more

Inventory of banking for the payment of salaries and wages – Cedar News

Banking risk expert and researcher in economics, Muhammad Fahili, wrote: When observers and analysts are asked to talk about the economic and financial situation in Lebanon, they quickly forget the negative economic repercussions of the Corona pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine and the disturbances it caused in food and fuel prices. the National. … Read more

Swiss National Bank posts biggest loss in 116-year history – Banking & Finance

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will not deliver dividends, for the second time in its 116-year history, due to yet another record loss recorded last year, which exceeds by five times the record reached in 2021, according to the results. central bank preliminary data, cited by Bloomberg. The central bank expects to record an annual … Read more

Mps marries the Meloni plan. And she is a candidate to be the protagonist of banking risk

The Meloni government calls and Banca Mps, 64% controlled by the Treasury, responds. The managing director of the Sienese bank, Luigi Lovaglio, in an interview with Only 24 hours, firstly stressed how, after the recently completed 2.5 billion capital increase, the bank no longer represents a “systemic problem” for Italy. Above all, however, the MPS … Read more