Sting mortgages, the rate increases but don’t panic: here is the only solution not to fall into bankruptcy

How to limit damages on mortgages already open and which type to choose in case of imminent opening Given the current situation of continuous growth to limit further spending in the future it is important to act quickly. Those who have opened a variable rate mortgage in previous years are finding themselves paying exorbitant amounts … Read more

Microplay files for bankruptcy for the third time

Microplay hopes that the third time is the charm. Although the 11th Civil Court of Santiago had already twice rejected the store’s bankruptcy applicationFor video games and electronic products, the company’s lawyers are going for a new chance. The company had indicated to the court that its liabilities exceeded $5.7 billion, while its assets did … Read more

Covid testing company launched in a pandemic asks for bankruptcy: “The business has become unviable”

The company Tested SpA -dedicated to testing and diagnosing test samples that detect Covid-19 using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique- asked the courts to start a voluntary liquidation process. “The business has become unviable and, despite all the efforts, since PCR tests are not necessary in national and international daily life, the Tested SpA … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank: after the bankruptcy, the European markets remain cautious | TV5MONDE

Caution remains on the European markets this Tuesday, March 14. On Monday, the stock markets closed in sharp decline following the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank in the United States, despite statements by Joe Biden intended to reassure. All eyes are on the US Central Bank.

Nearly 600 supermarkets on the verge of bankruptcy

Un in six supermarkets (16.2%) in Belgium are structurally in difficulty, according to a survey of the sector carried out by the specialist magazine Gondola and the data specialist GraydonCreditsafe, writing on Saturday The last news. In concrete terms, 576 stores are concerned. “Bankruptcy threatens them sooner or later,” says Eric Van Den Broele of … Read more

Crisis in Belgium: nearly 600 supermarkets on the verge of bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy threatens them sooner or later,” says Eric Van Den Broele of GraydonCreditsafe. But many other Belgian supermarkets are also likely to face difficulties because one in two stores has too few reserves to cope with unexpected shocks. More than 100 Delhaize stores closed this Saturday The supermarket sector scores significantly lower than the average … Read more

SVB bankruptcy causes uncertainty – ZIB 1 from March 13th, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Information | ZIB 1 SVB bankruptcy causes uncertainty The bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the USA is spreading further. It is the biggest bank collapse since the financial crisis of 2008. However, the situation is not comparable to that of the time, experts say. Nevertheless: The global financial world is unsettled today, … Read more

The markets are in turmoil! Under ‘bankruptcy’ movement – Latest News Investors turned to gold against the banking crisis that started with SVB in the USA and continued with Credit Suisse in Europe. Demand for gold, which is seen as a safe haven, increased. So, will prices continue to rise? Here are the details… Making statements on the subject, Ata Investment Domestic Markets Director Şükrü … Read more

Looking at the Effects of SVB Bankruptcy on Crypto Price Movements

JAKARTA, – The crypto asset market over the past week has shown strengthening. The bullishness of the digital asset market is considered to be the impact of the bankruptcy sentiment of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Referring to Coinmarketcap data, the price of crypto with the largest market capitalization, Bitcoin, until Thursday (16/3/2023) afternoon was … Read more