Banksy: the works of the British artist exhibited in Brussels (video)

An exhibition dedicated to the artist Banksy is currently taking place in Brussels. More than 80 works by the enigmatic British artist can be discovered at number 5 of the Grand Place. A multi-sensory journey entitled “Banksy, genius or vandal?” takes the visitor on board in an innovative and innovative universe. The exhibition begins with … Read more

Migrants, Ship Banksy launches Sos: “We have a dead man on board” – La Stampa

“We have one dead on board and others have burns all over their bodies.” It is the SOS launched by Louise Michel, the rescue ship for refugees financed by the famous British street artist Banksy. In a tweet the boat said it had 219 people on board, some of them in critical health conditions. “We … Read more

Banksy-funded migrant rescue ship asks for immediate help – Abroad – News

The German-registered ship, decorated with Banksy graffiti and named after the French anarchist Louise Michelle, is in the Mediterranean, where it rescued 89 people on Thursday. The receipt said the ship’s 10-man crew had rescued another 130 people, including women and children, and had not received any assistance. A total of 219 rescued migrants are … Read more

British graffiti artist Banksy finances rescue ship for migrants in the Mediterranean – Entertainment

British graffiti artist Banksy is funding a ship to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean and has so far rescued 89 people, reports The Guardian. The ship, decorated with Banksy graffiti, is named in honor of the French anarchist Louise Michel and is registered in Germany. It set sail on August 18 from the Spanish port … Read more

Banksy bought a refugee rescue boat and sprayed it bright pink

Written by Sara SparyOscar Holland, CNN The British street artist Banksy has financed and decorated a bright pink rescue boat to help save the lives of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe. The ship, which has been named “Louise Michel” after a French anarchist, is a former French navy vessel … Read more

Boat funded by artist Banksy saves 89 refugees | NOW

British artist Banksy has financed a boat that rescues refugees in the Mediterranean, reports The Guardian. On Thursday, the boat rescued 89 people, including 14 women and children. The ship, called Louise Michel, secretly departed the harbor in Burriana, Spain, near Valencia on August 18. There would have been fears that European countries would try … Read more

The “spin off” of Sea Watch and Banksy, who is behind the pink NGO ship

The name of the migrant-saving boat already says it all: Louise Michel, the anarchist-revolutionary and French teacher (1830-1905), very active in the days of the Paris Commune (1871). But the evocative name is not the only distinctive feature of the patrol boat flying the German flag once serving in French customs and now converted for … Read more

Miscellaneous – Justice | Bataclan, Lyon and Italy: the investigation that led the police to the stolen Banksy

On the night of January 25 to 26, 2019 at 4 a.m., three men, hoods on their heads and masks on their faces, cut out a door of the Bataclan with a grinder. It is not just any door. This is the back door of the Parisian performance hall on which the street artist Banksy … Read more

Thieves tracked down from Bataclan to Italy

A recorder stolen in Isère, in central-eastern France, video surveillance, eavesdropping, talkative suspects …: this is how “the sad young girl” by street artist Banksy, painted on a door of the Bataclan in Paris in tribute to the victims of the 2015 attacks, was found in Italy a year and a half after its theft. … Read more