Eros Ramatsoti to I am extremely shy, but on stage all barriers fall

More Eros Ramatsoti is back in Bulgaria Eros Ramazzotti is one of the iconic Italian performers. His songs are loved around the world – 14 studio albums, 70 million records sold, 2 billion streams and almost 2 billion views on YouTube. The magnetic Italian celebrates his new album “Battito Infinito”, released by Capitol Records, Italy … Read more

5G and telemedicine remove physical barriers to medicine

The latest generations of mobile networks, especially 5G, are changing many aspects of societies. One of the most benefited has undoubtedly been the medical sector, which thanks to the value that they provide directly to citizens, telemedicine has been able to be developed. Telemedicine, or medicine at a distance, takes advantage of all this technological … Read more

In Vilnius, the tractor crashed into barriers, traffic was closed on the bypass due to the accident

On the general emergency phone at about 6.57 am. the caller indicated that Žirniau street the tractor crashed into closedpeople can be crushed due to the accident, and the impact even caused the trailer to detach and block traffic. When the services rushed to the scene, it became clear that the person driving the tractor … Read more

Barriers to Handling the Cianjur Earthquake and Procurement of Aid

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) revealed how difficult it was to send logistics to the victims of the Cianjur earthquake. According to him, there are many evacuation points and the terrain is difficult. On the other hand, there have been two viral videos related to the blocking of volunteer cars. The perpetrators have now been arrested … Read more

Minister Salvini in Venice to inaugurate the barriers to defend the Basilica

On Saturday, the Minister for Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, was in Venice to visit the lagoon defense works. In Piazza San Marco, Salvini officially inaugurated the barriers to protect the Basilica, which have already been in operation for a few weeks. «Seeing the Basilica saved by the mini barriers is a great emotion – commented the … Read more

Venice, glass barriers protect St. Mark’s Basilica from high water – Veneto

For the first time, the church is dry despite the flooded square A historic first time for the Basilica of San Marco, which this morning with a water high of 95 centimeters above the middle sea, did not see the tide enter the mosaic floors, thanks to the glass barriers erected in recent months all … Read more

Panel of international experts asks to reduce barriers to the Cuban biotechnology sector

An international delegation of scientists headed by experts from the United States published a report on Monday that calls for reducing barriers to increase collaboration with the Cuban biotech industry. According to the text quoted in a report by the agency Efe11 experts visited the Island last June, constituting the first delegation led by North … Read more

Breaking down the barriers to open science step by step

“The corona crisis has once again underlined the importance of open science.” says Anneke Zuiderwijk, associate professor of Open Data at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. “Thanks to data sharing between parties from science and the medical industry, corona vaccines could be developed in a relatively short period of time.” Yet of all … Read more

Computer scientist from Prato creates an app that will make us all become polyglots and breaks down language barriers []

Computer scientist from Prato creates an app that will make us all become polyglots and breaks down language barriers Prato app utility supports 80 different languages ​​and allows five people to interface with each other at the same time, each in their own language. The inventor: “I make it available to institutions free of charge” … Read more

Barriers to PrEP use revealed by Engage study

In 2016, Health Canada approved the use of a highly effective drug to prevent HIV transmission. Clinical studies have shown that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) reduces HIV infection in HIV-negative people by 86%. Despite this, the number of newly diagnosed HIV cases in Canada has remained stable for a decade. The results of the Engage study—a … Read more