Basic Basket Bonus payment for January 2023: check with your RUT

The benefit is granted on the last business day of each month until April 2023. Below, at we will inform you how you can find out if the benefit corresponds to you. It is Monday 30 began the payment of the Basic Basket Contribution o Compensatory Monthly Contribution corresponding to the month of January … Read more

Players disassembled and found that the advanced version of the PS5 controller DualSense Edge has a smaller battery than the basic version of the controller

Sony’s latest high-end controller DualSense Edge for its game console PlayStation 5 was officially launched on January 26 last week. Although this brand new controller with a asking price of $200 does have many more refined new features, after passing After dismantling and analyzing, players found that the DualSense Edge uses a smaller battery design … Read more

Here are those who get SEK 12,150 back – how your salary is affected by the increased basic deduction

Inflation caused the price base amount to increase by a record 8.7 percent, and it means that the basic deduction, the employment tax deduction and the state income tax limit were increased more than usual at the turn of the year. Nyheter24 has previously written about the contributions that increased the most in 2023. Here … Read more

The head of Smer, Robert Fico, scolded the former government coalition for being fools: You spat on the basic principle!

It is unprecedented, unconstitutional and undemocratic how the parties of the former government coalition spat on Article 2 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic. This was stated by the chairman of the party Smer – social democracy (Smer-SD) Robert Fico at today’s press conference after the vote on the amendment to the constitutional law. … Read more

Jornal Médico – Specialists meet to discuss bringing basic research closer to the clinical context

Experts meet to discuss bringing basic research closer to the clinical context Under the theme Challenges from Research to clinics, the 4th edition of the International Congress Health Sciences Research: Towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship will take place between the 13th and 15th of February 2023, in the large auditorium of the Faculty of Health Sciences, … Read more

Basic tips to save “garlic powder” for as long as possible

Follow-up _ Lama Nasr: Spices naturally lose their essential oils and original flavor over time, especially if they are not stored properly. Ladies, here are some great tips for keeping your garlic powder from getting moldy or clumping. To prevent garlic powder from clumping over time. If you don’t want to use it now, keep … Read more

Antimafia, basic text adopted to set up the commission. Action-Iv abstain together with the majority

Il Parliament late in setting up anti-mafia commission try to speed up. Even if it won’t be able to be formed in time to examine candidates for the next ones regional elections, the political forces are trying to remedy the guilty delay. The text, in the opposition quota and with the first signature of Raho … Read more

Microsoft 365 Basic launches – what does the offer have to offer?

From the end of January, Microsoft will expand its subscription offering for Office and cloud services. The new offer is called “Microsoft 365 Basic” and is available for just €2 a month. With this new variant, Microsoft is finally bringing more choice and offering customers the chance to select their subscription package in such a … Read more