Enthusiast decoded the Riddler’s message from the Batman trailer | news

User TheMasterD101 decoded the Riddler’s message to Batman in the trailer for the Matt Reeves movie. According to the enthusiast, he used a method of matching characters. And here’s what he ended up with: Batman, what does a liar do when he’s dead? He continues to lie. Alas, without context, it is unlikely that it … Read more

Batman: See the first trailer for Robert Pattinson and the new one for Wonder Woman 84 – Cinema and Tv – Culture

A new Joker or Joker is wrapping one of his victims in tape. So begins the teaser of The Batman, with which the followers of the knight of the night could satisfy the curiosity to see how it looks Robert pattinson embodying it. (You may be interested in: Robert Pattinson and other actors who have … Read more

‘The Batman’: See Gritty Look at Robert Pattinson’s Masked Vigilante

DC FanDome has shared the much-anticipated and gritty first look at Robert pattinson in The Batman, where the young Dark Knight is on the search for “vengeance.” The trailer, soundtracked by Nirvana’s “Something in the Way,” returns the Dark Knight to the role of “vigilante detective” — as opposed to superhero — as the Riddler … Read more

Batman: Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad …: all the DC Fandome video game announcements

During the DC Fandome convention, several video games inspired by the DC Universe were revealed. Batman : Gotham Knights Seven years after the disappointing Batman: Arkham Origins, the only episode in the series he has signed, Warner Bros. Montreal is finally back with a new video game taking place in the fictional city of Gotham City. … Read more

Batman is dead. His family must protect Gotham instead of him »Vortex

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the new Batman from WB Games Montréal at a special DC FanDome tonight. Except it’s not quite Batman. It doesn’t even have it in the title. After many years of speculation, the authors of the Arkham Origins prequel announced that they were working on the title of Gotham Knights. The … Read more

The first footage from the Batman trailer leaked to the network

Extor MenogerBatman had different images) and just the same, Pattison really does not resemble a jerk.In the days of Twilight, the Potterians – yes, but after the film with his participation “The Lighthouse”, I completely changed my mind. The actor is very good, it’s just that the vampire’s stigma is strongly attached to him and … Read more

The Batman, Robert Pattinson is a young Dark Knight in the first trailer for the DC movie

The wait is finally over: Matt Reeves took the stage of the DC FanDome together in the shadow of the new Batmobile to present the first official teaser of the expected The Batman, the film that will mark Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Dark Knight. As anticipated by the information that emerged in recent months … Read more

‘The Batman’ HBO Max Series To Take Place In ‘Year One’ Prior To Movie – Deadline

In between Matt Reeves divulging details about his upcoming 2021 The Batman movie and the trailer drop during DC FanDome tonight, the filmmaker unloaded some intel about the HBO Max series connected to the pic, which he’s executive producing with Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter. We already knew that the series would be an examination … Read more