‘OnePlus is working on an affordable phone with a hefty 6,000 mAh battery’ | NOW

OnePlus would plan to release a new phone later this year, which should cost around $ 200 ($ 168). That reports Android Central based on insiders. The phone would get a hefty 6,000 mAh battery. In combination with a 720p screen of 6.52 inches, that could provide a battery life of two days on a … Read more

Rumor: OnePlus will release a budget smartphone with 6000mAh battery – Tablets and phones – News

OnePlus reportedly plans to release a smartphone for around $ 200 this year. The 6.5 “screen of the smartphone would have 1560×720 pixels and OnePlus would like to provide the device with a 6000mAh battery. OnePlus would work on the entry-level smartphone under the internal code name Clover, claims Android Central, that the information about … Read more

Electric car Lucid Air: 113kWh battery for a range of 830 km

On September 9, the American start-up Lucid Motors will present its new Air electric car. He promises a range of 830 km EPA. The developers of the Lucid Air electric car did not want to go the “stupid range”, ie adding more and more batteries while increasing the price and weight and reducing the interior … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Nanodiamond nuclear batteries could change the world

Do we have a “perpetual” battery within reach? Credit: NDB, Inc. This civilization is running on batteries. At the same time, it is no secret that batteries are a painful problem with many complications. California-based NDB, Inc. works on batteries, which should completely reverse the rules of the game. Their nanodiamond nuclear batteries work, with … Read more

Apple could cut back on battery to integrate 5G while lowering prices

iPhone 12 (illustration). — Geeko Apple decided to lower the price of its iPhone. But the integration of the 5G in its future smartphones is a problem because the technology is expensive. To keep its commitments, the apple firm would therefore have decided to cut corners on … battery phones. In order to market its … Read more

A mini “beetle” robot that moves forward without a battery | Science | News | The sun

IThey named their robot “RoBeetle”, or beetle robot. It is only 15 millimeters in length, which makes the robotic beetle “one of the lightest and smallest autonomous robots ever created,” its inventor, Xiufeng Yang, told AFP. “We wanted to create a robot whose weight and size would be comparable to those of real insects,” adds … Read more

iPhone 12: Apple will reduce the cost of the cell phone with changes in the battery plate

New technologies, in general, tend to have a high price, but Apple is looking for ways to offer its users a iPhone with 5G without raising the cost, according MacRumors and a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo reports that the adoption of the 5G technology will increase the costs of Apple between $ … Read more

Video – Technology: the mini-robot “beetle” moving forward without a battery – 08/22/2020 16:59:16

Developed by a team from the University of Southern California, which advances, a robot climbs and carries loads thanks to artificial muscles, all without battrie. The robot, which is only 15 millimeters in length, has been dubbed “RoBeetle”, or robot beetle. .