Messi: should he continue or should he leave Barcelona?

A new chapter of the rispideces that Lionel Messi lived in Barcelona during this 2020 is still fresh. The “I’m tired of always being the problem of everything“that he shot as soon as he landed in Barcelona when he returned from the double knockout date further fueled a complex situation with an uncertain future. Look … Read more

Mascherano: standing before the Little Boss who grew up with Olé

Thanks, Masche … We don’t like goodbyes. We also don’t want to get nostalgic or honeyed. But how difficult to talk about your career in the past simple or imperfect … If yours was always present and future, today and tomorrow, now and always. Time came upon us, we couldn’t stop it like that save … Read more

The bank tightens the nuts on mortgages again before the ‘wave’ of delinquencies

I agree with you ‘Housing Market Indicators’ published by the Bank of Spain, at the end of September the banks were granting new mortgage loans for 63.6% of the appraised value, below the 64.2% in June and the 64.7% just a year ago. However, it is a percentage that can still be considered high. To … Read more

In difficulty, Neckermann asks to be protected from his creditors to “save 180 jobs”

The tour operator hopes to use this time saving to “find financial support and renegotiate with its creditors the debts caused by the coronavirus crisis”. Lhe Belgian network of travel agencies Neckermann asked the Nivelles court on Tuesday to initiate legal reorganization proceedings, he announced, wishing to be protected for three months from his creditors. … Read more

Coronavirus in Europe: how the second wave is going and what measures are countries taking – Health

With records of reported cases that are three times higher than those of the first peak of the pandemic in MarchEurope is submerged in its second wave of the new coronavirus, the same wave that experts predicted a few months ago. The data is worrying. In the last week, cases increased 44 percent, with a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will cost $ 456 USD

Samsung has introduced the 5G smartphone of the A series, the Galaxy A42 5G, which promises to be the cheapest. While this team had been shown last month, not all the details were missing. The main details that are missing are specified in availability and price. Thus, in the United Kingdom it will be sold … Read more

Infectologists warn of a second wave of coronavirus in the country with spikes in infections in March

“It is essential that Argentina does not experience a second wave with peaks, as is happening in Europe and that could happen quietly here in March, for example. It has to do with a question of the social activities of the summer”, said the member of the Committee that advises the Government Javier Farina. The … Read more

Coronavirus in China: why there has been no outbreak of coronavirus in that country – Asia – International

China was the epicenter of the start of the new coronavirus pandemic, after the first cases registered in Wuhan in December 2019. Months later, in March 2020, The Asian country reported, for the first time in a day, that there had been no cases of contagion since the beginning of the outbreak. As of March … Read more

New wave of covid-19 and bank data leaks cause losses of up to 8% in the markets

In Europe, the United Kingdom is studying a second national lockdown due to the increase in cases by at least 6,000 daily, while Denmark, Greece and Spain introduced new restrictions on the activity. Also, the German Health Minister said that the rise in infections in countries like France, Austria and the Netherlands is worrying. In … Read more