“Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” April update adds “Attack Bead II” and “Talent Bead II” stone guard processing | 4Gamers

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” (Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak) just completed the installation in February, and the free 4th bullet update of the golem to overcome the sky comet dragon and ice dragon, the director Suzuki Yoshigo continued to announce the coming April In the 5th round, the information is updated for free. A new search … Read more

“Wearable Bead Cushion” Unexpected Commercialization “It Can’t Sell” Many Oppositions Within the Company … Manufacturer Surprised by Unexpected Popularity: J-CAST News[Full text]

A product that can be worn with bead cushions, “wearable bead cushions,” is attracting attention. It is said that you can sit and roll while wearing a round and firm cushion. On Twitter, it became a hot topic due to the visuals when wearing it, and surprised voices such as “Why did you decide to … Read more