Hong Xiuzhu’s beauty has become the “best plastic model”. The old photos of lying in bed without makeup are exposed: I want to support the “column” | Entertainment | CTWANT

South Korean amateur model Hong Xiuzhu (also translated as Hong Xiuzhu), because of the exquisite features and beautiful features, is recognized by many netizens. She beat a bunch of online female celebrities and also earned her the reputation of “Best Plastic Model”. Recently, Hong Xiuzhu attended the press conference of the new drama “Be;twin”. Netizens … Read more

Haifa Wehbe ignites the communication site with her latest photos.. Watch her beauty

The Lebanese actress was kidnappedHaifa WahbiThe attention of her followers with the latest photos she posted on her social networking site. Haifa appeared in a sexy short dress from a Dubai hotel, and her dress included an open design at the waist, and left her hair loose on her shoulders with a curly and striking … Read more

In her latest appearance, Wael Jassar’s wife shocked everyone with her beauty

The Lebanese artist, Wael Jassar, posted on his Instagram account a picture of him and his wife in her latest appearance. Jassar commented on the photo that he published, saying: “Miray, the meme is nothing but you in the world, oh, we dreamed together, the r is the peace of my mind, you, the thousand … Read more

Get to know the Banjar Drone Pilot Community who loves to explore the beauty of the air

Harianjogja.com, JAKARTA – NASA researchers create an underground map of Mars for the first time in history. Maps are made by listening to the sound of the wind echoing through layers of soil and rock near the equator of Mars. The team used instruments aboard NASA’s InSight craft, which landed on the Elysium Planitia plain … Read more

44kg Song Ga-in’s missing cheeks → slender legs… It’s full of fairy beauty TEN

Enter 2021.11.23 14:15 Edited 2021.11.23 14:15 Photo = Song Ga-in’s Instagram Singer Song Ga-in showed off her radiant beauty. On the 23rd, Song Ga-in uploaded several photos along with smileys, musical notes, and heart-shaped emoticons on her SNS. The released photo shows Song Ga-in wearing a pink dress, the trade color. His slender and straight … Read more

Plus size model Vitalija Jonikytė brought back three titles from the plus size beauty contest: one of them is of special importance.

“Lithuania, we have all achieved a lot together – three titles for such a small country! The only participant with even three titles! I am the winner in people’s choice! This is the most important thing to me and so close to my heart. You are amazing!!! Without such support I would not have achieved … Read more

5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Make Face Aging

iStockphoto (Illustration) Consuming coffee in an inappropriate way can be bad for the body NOVA.id – In addition to providing more energy in the morning, coffee It is also known to reduce the risk of several diseases, from heart problems, type 2 diabetes, to liver cancer However, consuming coffee in an inappropriate way can have … Read more

Loujain Omran’s look, signed by a Lebanese, and her beauty is the talk of the followers!

The Saudi media celebratedLogaynn OmranAt the wedding of her brother and name Ali, a girl named “Sarah”, a family party and an atmosphere of joy and happiness, according to her. Lujain shared the audience with a video clip from the celebration and a set of photos of her appearance through her own account on the … Read more

No-je ‘high school days’ beauty that was properly revealed in the broadcast, mouth opens wide

Noze showed affection for the profession of a dancer. JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ In the JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ broadcast on the 20th, Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Swoopa) 8 leaders Monica, Honey J, Aiki, Lihei, Hyojinchoi, Gabi, Noje, and Rijeong appeared. On this day, Rijeong said, “I heard a lot of people saying, ‘I have a lot … Read more

The beautiful Kajra delights with its beauty. See what Sławomir’s wife looks like on a daily basis [zdjęcia – 20.11.21]

Magdalena Kajrowicz is a Polish actress and singer, known primarily as Kajra. Privately, she is the wife of the musician Sławomir Zapała. See what beautiful Kajra looks like on a daily basis. We present her private photos in the gallery. Magdalena Kajrowicz is Polish film and television actress, as well as a singer. Most people … Read more