Art gossip. For adults only, a dance link is very hot. The artist, Sama Al-Masry, revealed the taboo in the bedroom, and a better follower responded than Angie El-Khoury

The artist posted Sama Al Massri Within hours, Radia had a video of her explaining the secrets of the night of the entrance into the bedroom and on her own bed, and she was wearing the Abu Hamala shirt, which was clipped, and she revealed secrets and shocking details that could not be broadcast on … Read more

“Unacceptable arbitrary arrest” of a Cameroonian in Belgium: “I gave the doctors my medical reports, they refused to read it”

Three Brussels MPs visited him in Steenokkerzeel (Flemish Brabant) and believe that this is an unacceptable arbitrary arrest. Lukas Waufo is a 66-year-old Cameroonian entrepreneur who travels frequently for business within the Schengen area. On a trip in October he arrived in Belgium via Brussels Airlines, but soon after suffered health problems. Several operations are … Read more

The most expensive house in the USA is for sale. Her bedroom is bigger than…

The US has another record on the real estate market. The huge residence of The One in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles was put up for auction for 6.4 billion crowns. The house has a wonderful view of the ocean, the mountains and the city center. Dubbed the “Mona Lisa of the real … Read more

A modern 4-room apartment that surprises: Great detail in the bedroom

Housing took over the studio Maya Sheinberger Interior Design. They fulfilled the desired elegance one hundred percent, but did not forget the elements that complete the special atmosphere of the apartment. In the kitchen, the monochromaticity is followed by a marble slab and softened by open shelves with decorations. In the transitional living room between … Read more

Suji Kang ♥ Gukjin Kim, bedroom + wedding photos released “Live, love and learn” [N샷]

Kang Suji’s Instagram Kang Suji’s Instagram Singer Kang Su-ji revealed a wedding photo with broadcaster Kim Gook-jin. On the 19th, Suji Kang posted on her Instagram, “I tidy up the house on Saturday” and “Always tidy up the bed bedding first.” He added, “When I get organized, I feel more stable in my mind and … Read more

Couple discovers hidden camera in bedroom of their Airbnb: “It was aimed at our bed”

A Brazilian couple wanted to enjoy a sun-drenched holiday in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro’s most famous beach, but things didn’t go as planned. Before their trip, Julia and Ana had rented a room through Airbnb, but as they were getting ready to go to the beach, they suddenly saw “something shining” in a cupboard above … Read more

Omar Kamal deletes the video of Nada Al-Kamel’s foreplay, Ahmed El-Fishawy’s ex-wife, in the bedroom (photos)

Many people wondered about the artist’s video Omar Kamal On his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, where he was accompanied by Nada Al-Kamel. The artist, Omar Kamal, raised the controversy with a video he published this morning, Sunday, with the ex-wife of the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, who is in pajamas, while he … Read more

This Farm series will go down in history: Someone peed in the bedroom again! | Current

Let’s summarize the facts – everything was started by Giuliana, who was heavily under the influence of alcohol she peed in her sleep and Simon ended up all wet. The second victim of the curse was Philip, who the goat urinated (and something else) on the mat. Later, alcohol was officiating again and In a … Read more

Months after the death of Samir Sabry… his relatives entered his bedroom and when they opened the cupboard, they were astonished and discovered the shock of a lifetime!

2022/11/04 It’s 09:45 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Egyptian art critic Amr Sahsah revealed new details about the life of the late artist Samir Sabry and what they found in his bedroom after his death. He said that the late artist Sabri was aware in the recent period that his death had become close, … Read more

After discovering a shocking thing in the bedroom and on the bed, a groom divorces his bride on the wedding night and expels her from the house.! !

2022/10/31 It’s 07:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The wedding ceremony ended with the divorce of the bride after the groom discovered a shocking thing on the wedding night, and the groom named Daniel from Sydney discovered, His bride is having an affair with his father on their wedding night. Meanwhile, his father gave … Read more