Lawyer Bee Sellares: “I think that Alianza has a problem with the TAS which is active legitimation”

Finally, he indicated that with the accelerated process the option for Alianza to request a precautionary measure to participate in Liga1 Movistar is annulled. “With the accelerated procedure there is no longer the possibility of requesting the precautionary measure. The accelerated procedure is looking for a resolution on the merits of the matter in a … Read more

Bee tastes some marijuana and goes crazy: drugged? | VIDEO

Can marijuana affect animals? Although there are studies that analyze its use in fauna, there is still nothing 100 percent developed. Given this premise, on the page Reddit a video was released that outraged and amused users, as it featured a totally crazed bee after trying some marijuana. Was it animal abuse? We tell you … Read more

According to an Australian study, bee venom could beat certain breast cancers!

Crédit photo : Shutterstock A revolution in the medical world could be underway! But above all, a huge and beautiful hope for women with breast cancer. Indeed, a recent study conducted by the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research (Australia) reports that bee venom could kill some cancer cells. Bee venom is, among others, composed … Read more

A type of breast cancer could be treated with bee venom

A bee. Drawing. – skeeze Of researchers australian claim that the venom of bees has properties that would destroy the malignant cells of certain types of cancers breast. The virtues of the substance secreted by insects come from melittin, its main component, explains thestudy on the subject published this Tuesday in the scientific journal Nature … Read more

Honey bee venom kills breast cancer cells

The poison kills all malignant cancer cells, but leaves normal cells alone. The venom of honey bees appears to have a remarkably positive property. In a new study researchers have shown that the poison can be used successfully in the fight against breast cancer. “The poison is extremely powerful,” said researcher Ciara Duffy. MellitineThe venom … Read more

Despite the crisis, French bee will lower its prices towards Reunion Island, assures Marc Rochet – All the news from overseas in 360 °

French bee’s 4th A350-900 at Orly © Aéroports de Paris Visiting Reunion Island for the inaugural flight of the 4th A350-900 of the low cost long haul French bee, CEO Marc Rochet announced a reduction in the price of the ticket to this destination for ” fill planes and attract customers ». Currently, the company … Read more