Zhou Huimin posted a long article about her recent feelings about the super wonderful stage video 29 ​​years ago_Works_fans_Live

Original title: Zhou Huimin sent a long article to talk about the recent experience of the stage video 29 ​​years ago is super wonderful Sohu Entertainment News on May 10, Zhou Huimin shared her recent feelings in a long post on social platforms, “In the past two years, I have seen new generation singers perform … Read more

Driving music. Beethoven, it rolls, Kanye West, it hood!.

Most motorists listen to music while driving. However, they must ensure that they have a suitable playlist. Classical music is to be preferred when driving, according to a new study by South Korean manufacturer KIA. Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 9, Op. 125’ prompts motorists to adopt more economical driving, according to a new study. KateKlim / … Read more

LNSO will perform in Rezekne with Mozart and Beethoven music program / Day

The first part of the evening will feature Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 23rd piano concert and operas The magic flute overture. In the second part, the LNSO will offer an interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The soloist of the concert, pianist Arta Arnicāne, is a laureate of sixteen performing arts competitions. The ability to … Read more

An entire city celebrating: after the kidnapping Beethoven, the stray dog ​​mascot of Santa Bárbara, was found

Beethoven was gone. Taken away from those streets that have always been his home, where everyone takes care of him. The entire city of Santa Bárbara, in Antioquia, Colombia, was left in shock at the news of the kidnapping of this 8-year-old dog, a cross between Pitbull and Bulldog, not just a stray, but the … Read more