the benefit of aspirin questioned

DECRYPTION – In primary prevention, that is to say before the occurrence of a cardiovascular incident, the risk is real. Many patients are still prescribed it, and yet… Take low-dose aspirin every day to avoid a possible myocardial infarction or stroke is useless, even dangerous. The mass is said: the very influential American learned society, … Read more

CPO Export Prohibition, Why More Harm Than Benefit?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Policy export ban CPO and raw materials cooking oil which has been enforced for almost the last two weeks, arguably has not been fruitful. Look, the price of cooking oil, both traditional markets and modern retail is still priced quite high. After all, even if the price is a bit slanted, … Read more

Netflix wants to charge the 100 million households that benefit from sharing accounts without a subscription

Hundred. It is, in millions, the number of households that take advantage of shared accounts to watch streaming programs on Netflix without authorization. A dizzying figure that weighs on the growth of the world number one in video on demand. To combat this scourge, Netflix is ​​currently conducting tests in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. … Read more

How the gigantic increase in interest rates in the world affects you (and who can benefit)

Cecilia Barria BBC News World 6 mayo 2022 image source, Getty Images With rampant inflation sweeping the globe, interest rates are on the rise. To try to control the rapid increase in inflation, countries in different regions of the planet have been increasing the cost of money, which in practice translates into more expensive credit. … Read more

This is how Aldi, Lidl and Co. benefit from the price increases

getty images Food prices have skyrocketed and according to experts, it should stay that way. Above all, the lower income groups will have to suffer from the ever higher prices. The discounters benefit from the rising food prices and expand their market share. Aldi and many other discounters have increased their prices for many products … Read more

Sport on prescription: asthmatics should be able to benefit from it, argue experts

While the extension of pathologies that can be the subject of an adapted physical activity prescription (APA) to chronic diseases was recorded in early March, asthmatics should not be forgotten, claim patients and experts. Reserved since March 1, 2017 for patients with long-term illness (ALD), i.e. 10 million French people, the “sport on prescription” opened … Read more

Will the shipbuilding industry benefit from the soaring exchange rate… “Great impact on performance”

[아이뉴스24 박은경 기자] It is analyzed that the performance of the shipbuilding industry, semiconductor, display, and automobile industries is positively affected by the soaring and fluctuating exchange rate volatility. According to Korea Credit Ratings on the 1st, the average won-dollar exchange rate in the first quarter was 1,205 won, up 5.30% from the previous year’s … Read more

“A hundred thousand people taxed for the benefit of 5 million others”: PS and Ecolo have the richest in their sights

In response to the explosion in the cost of energy and raw materials, the PS proposes to tax the biggest fortunes and the excessive profits made by companies. On the waves of the First, the president of the PS Paul Magnette affirmed Thursday morning that five of the seven parties of the Vivaldi coalition were … Read more