Promising remedy against RS virus: babies will benefit | Health

24 sep 2022 om 06:00 A promising drug against the RS virus may soon hit the market. Children under the age of one will especially benefit from this. The drug is intended to prevent babies from becoming seriously ill or dying from an infection with the RS virus. Door Lennart ‘t Hart It concerns the … Read more

Listen! Rows of Sectors that Benefit When Interest Rates Are High

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The impact of the increase in fuel prices, called CIO Principal Asset Management, Ni Made Muliartini, will be felt primarily by the transportation sector and spread to the consumer goods and communications sector as well as other related sectors. However, a number of sectors such as finance will benefit from rising inflation … Read more

The price of the dollar in Egypt today, after the Central Bank’s decision to fix the interest rate.. Get to know it

Dollar prices recorded today, Thursday, a difference in buying and selling operations during today’s transactions in banks, and the dollar’s ​​prices today in banks traded between 19.42 pounds for purchase and 19.52 pounds for sale. The prices of the US currency recorded a difference in buying and selling operations during today’s transactions in the banks, … Read more

What is quantum entanglement? How does the technology sector benefit from it?

Quantum entanglement, also called quantum correlation, is a strange and not well understood physical phenomenon. This phenomenon leads to the association of two or more objects with each other regardless of the distance separating them, so that both related objects have similar properties, this state is called the quantum state. By observing one of the … Read more

What is the benefit of acellular hexavalent vaccines?

in dialogue with Radius Snail Dr. Martín Romero, leader of vaccine studies revealed that since September 1 the government accepted gradually include to the Expanded Plan of Immunization the vaccines acellular hexavalentswhich he says makes it possible to reduce the risk of serious diseases in children and it is also a saving for the system. … Read more

Benefit from the problem. Scientists were able to effectively convert carbon dioxide into ethene — ČT24 — Czech Television

Carbon dioxide released by humans is the main cause of the current warming of the planet, rising temperatures also bring hunger, lack of water, more frequent fires and other disasters. Since the beginning of the millennium, scientists have been trying to find a way to turn a negative effect into a positive one. But so … Read more

The French central governor calls for an increase in the European interest rate to 2%…

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan) Francois Villeroy de Galle, a member of the European Central Bank’s Board of Governors, said that the bank should focus on raising interest rates to close to 2% by the end of this year, before considering any new rate hike after that. Bloomberg Agency quoted Villeroy, the French central bank’s governor, as saying … Read more