Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s foldable iPad will be unveiled next year, and Suzhou Anjie Technology is expected to benefit | Anue tycoon- US stocks

TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said today (30) that Apple (AAPL-US) The foldable iPad will be launched next year, which will facilitate the shipment of this product line and optimize the product mix. It is expected that Suzhou Anjie Technology will benefit from it. Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that the folding iPad will be equipped … Read more

The Beauty of Watermelon and Its Rows of Benefits for Health

Poptren.suara.com – Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water. Besides that, it tastes good and fresh, so it’s not uncommon for watermelons to be used as a thirst quencher quite often. This fruit with green skin has a red inside with lots of seeds. By regularly consuming watermelon fruit, you will get … Read more

What are the categories that benefit from adding births to the ration card?

I explained Ministryof Supply Categories benefiting from adding births to ration card 2023 so that citizens can add individuals to ration card If it is within the categories available to them Add births to the ration card . Also read: An important condition for adding births to the ration card (the ration clarifies) Categories benefiting … Read more

Patronus Steven Adams’ real benefit on 11-game winning streak – NBA – Basketball

Steven Adams’ game-winning penalty against the Cleveland Cavaliers last Wednesday not only helped the Grizzlies tie their 11-game winning streak, but it may also be his most glorious moment in the Grizzlies — yet His importance to Memphis cannot be exhausted with just this ball. Since Adams came to the Grizzlies through a trade in … Read more

Scan predicts which patients with colorectal cancer benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy

New results support the use of a test that identifies which patients with resectable stage II-IV colorectal cancer are likely to benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy. Test it Signatera™, manufactured by Natera Inc.measures circulating tumor DNA (tDNA) to assess residual molecular disease four weeks after surgery. The most current results from the GALAXY study show that … Read more

We’ve been consuming pistachios wrong for years! Increases its benefit and taste 5 times

4. CAN SUPPORT WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Pistachios can be a useful addition to a weight management program and, in addition to having a lower calorie and fat content than many other nuts, they also have a low net metabolizable energy content. This means that we are not digesting and absorbing all of its calories. Since they … Read more

9 Benefits of Onions for the Body, Can Prevent Cancer and Maintain Heart Health!

PR TASIKMALAYA Onion is a flowering plant belonging to the genus Allium which includes, onion white, onion red, leaves onion, and chives. Usually kind onion It is used as a basic ingredient for cooking. Not only that, in fact, the medicinal properties of one of a kind onion this, that is onion red, has been … Read more

How switching from sugar to honey can benefit your health

We all know that honey is good for your health, but did you know that it is a potent natural sweetener? Produced by bees, the substance, in addition to being extremely healthy, is a great option to reduce sugar consumption, and this exchange can be very beneficial. A study carried out by researchers at the … Read more

BRIN Patents Stem Cell Research

JAKARTA – Head of the Vaccine and Drug Research Center for the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Masteria Yunovilsa Putera, stated that the agency has been researching stem cells for a long time. Research results have been patented and published in scientific publications. “Research related to stem cells at BRIN has been carried out … Read more