Pampita defended Benjamín Vicuña and broke her friendship with Eli Sulichín

Benjamin Vicuna He has been going through some difficult days. his father died a few days ago, were fulfilled 10 years after the death of Blanca, the daughter she had with Pampas, plus separated from his last love, Eli Sulichín. And, apparently, it would not have been on such good terms. Now it was learned … Read more

The strong photo that Benjamín Vicuña shared with his father

At the beginning of August, since LAM (America TV), they had detailed that the father of the ex of La China Suarez I was going through a serious situation. “He was sick since he was on a ventilator but now it’s gotten worse. He’s already intubated. He had a very strong intestinal hemorrhage and they’re … Read more

Pampita’s noble gesture upon learning of the bad health moment that Benjamín Vicuña’s father is going through

Written in SHOWS the 24/8/2022 · 10:20 hs If there is something that Pampita has always made clear, it is that, beyond the differences or problems that adults may have, their children will always be in the first place. Even in the worst moment of her separation from Benjamín Vicuña, she prioritized the children’s well-being … Read more

Benjamin Mendy faces a new victim: she accuses of sexual assault in the pubic area

Benjamin Mendy’s trial continues on Monday. Aged 28, the French defender, suspended for a year by Manchester City, appears for eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault against seven women. The prosecution presented him as a “predator” who abused “vulnerable, terrified and isolated” victims. He denies the ten counts brought against him for … Read more

Benjamin Mora’s FEAR after Joining Persib Bandung, Robert Alberts Brings IDR 7.5 Billion to Persis Solo? – FRIGHT Benjamin Mor after Follow Persib Bandung, Robert Alberts Bring IDR 7.5 billion to Persis Solo? New coach rumors Persib Bandung replacement Robert Alberts remains an enigma, although some candidates have signaled in response to the Blue Prince’s signal. Robert Alberts even reportedly has moved on from Persib Bandung and is building communication … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña spoke of the beginning of his relationship with Pampita: “At that time…”

Benjamin Vicuna reflected on his dealings with the press and his beginnings in the relationship with pampita. Despite being cautious when referring to the mother of his children, the actor recalled his beginnings and the media siege of his romance. “I have been very loved, cared for and protected by the press. Sometimes they tell … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña revealed the reasons why he decided to confirm their separation with a statement

Benjamin Vicuna He spoke like never before about his separation from China Suarez. Although almost a year has passed since then, the Chilean actor revealed the reasons why he decided to broadcast the surprise statement with which he announced the break. “I’m not going to go into details, but nothing was momentum“He said in an … Read more

Benjamin Mendy’s trial has begun.. What are the charges and what is the expected punishment?

Starting yesterday (Wednesday), Benjamin Mendy sat on the podium accused of eight counts of rape and one sexual assault, which could result in a severe sentence. The case of Benjamin Mendy (28 years) has entered a decisive stage, with the start of the trial of the French player in Manchester City, in Chester (England), in … Read more