Xbox and Bethesda will jointly hold a game release event on 6/13. It may show news of “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “The Last Battle: Infinite” #ZeniMax Media (161925)

Microsoft is expected to announce the new “Halo: Infinity” of “The Last Battle”, as well as the updates of works including “Fables of Gods and Ghosts” and “Forza Motorsport”, while Bethesda is expected to announce that it contains ” “Starfield”, “The Elder Scrolls 6”, as well as the announcement of the upcoming “Indiana Jones” adaptation … Read more

Bethesda is giving away Quake II and Quake III

Bethesda’s fundraiser during this weekend’s Quakecon that Home eventually received over 30,000 dollars – about 267,000 kroner. As a thank you, the developer is giving away both Quake II and Quake III: Arena to anyone who is fast enough. Quake II is free now, but only until 6pm on Friday 14 August. The free doors … Read more

Adjust allies and many bug fixes

Update 19 for Fallout 76 is available for download. After the installation, allies in the game will be visually adjusted. In addition, new and recurring events, improvements to backpack skins and the automatic naming of objects and new time-limited nuclear winter challenges come into play. On Xbox, the download size for the update is around … Read more

Mick Gorden (composer) and id Software end cooperation

The rage surrounding the sound mix of the soundtrack for Doom Eternal had already been hinted at, now there is certainty: As reports, composer Mick Gorden and id Software are now going their separate ways. This will already affect the planned DLC for the shooter, in which Gorden will no longer deliver the music … Read more

Fallout 76 players give out free medicine inspired by coronavirus doctors

One of the best things about MMOs is how their players break the rules of the game to recreate situations not foreseen by the developers but that reflect the humanity behind the game characters. Let’s see recently how Final Fantasy XIV The community joins a processional march that serves as a funeral for a player … Read more

Wastelanders update will be released on April 14th; Steam Link Info

The big (free) Wastelanders update will be released on April 14th, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the same time, the Steam version of Fallout 76 will be launched on PC. PC version users on also get access to the Steam version, provided they link both accounts (details). Wastelanders is included … Read more

If you have already played Fallout 76 on, you can download it free on Steam for a limited time – 3DGames

If you have already played Fallout 76 on, you can download it for free on Steam for a limited time 3D Games Bethesda Confirms New Release Date For Fallout 76 On Steam LEVELUP Fallout 76 is coming to Steam with its Wastelanders expansion See full coverage on Google News .

Bethesda rules out a digital event in June as a substitute for the canceled E3 2020

Other companies are betting on this kind of digital events, thus keeping their ads planned. Although, after the cancellation of E3 2020, many of us imagined online alternatives that would replicate the experience of the event through the Internet, there are already indications that even this will not be the same, sinceBethesdahas confirmed through Pete … Read more

Fallout 76: Wastelanders arrives a week later due to virus –

Fallout 76: Wastelanders arrives a week later due to virus Fallout 76: Big Wastelanders update postponed GameStar Fallout 76: Wastelanders comes later – Coronavirus is to blame All Fallout 76 fans are waiting for Wastelanders – now GamePro is postponed Wastelanders: The update that Fallout 76 is supposed to save is postponed again … Read more