Francesca did not forgive Peter’s betrayal and treated him coldly.

Francesca (Yvonne Frayssinet) found out that peter (Adolfo Chuiman) he played dirty. Mrs. Maldini was upset because her butler exposed her most intimate secrets to Bruno and Rafaella and both took advantage of her situation to make her look bad before the board of directors. Arriving home, Francesca was so upset that she yelled at … Read more

Florence, the betrayal with his sister-in-law costs him dearly – Chronicle

A double betrayal (of his wife with his sister-in-law, and moreover within a family business) cost him dearly. Cheating on the wife does not always have negative consequences on the assets of the unfaithful husband, but if the unfaithful husband commits adultery with a close relative of the spouse and moreover in the context of … Read more

Signs of the rising hour appear: A baby who stuns everyone and makes them stunned and exposes his mother’s betrayal right after his birth… You won’t believe what happened.! ! (The details are very shocking)

A mother of four discovers that her husband has cheated on her with her best friend after her friend gave birth to a newborn with the same birthmark as her son. The woman named Hailey shared her story on the social networking site Tik Tok, and said that her friend asked her to attend her … Read more

Betrayal of investigators .. This is what prompted Shakira to announce the separation

After it was reported that the famous Colombian singer Shakira had hired an investigation agency that included a group of investigators to confirm the betrayal of her former partner, the heart of the Barcelona football club, Gerard Pique, another surprise erupted that changed the course of events. A television program revealed that the owner of … Read more

Australia’s Betrayal to France as AUKUS Pact officially ends, Rp 8 trillion envelope becomes Lara’s consolation – Last year was a bleak time for relations between the two countries, French and Australia. year 2021, Australia, Englishand the United States, formed a joint partnership named “PACT AUKUS“. PACT AUKUS will become a forum for the three countries to overcome cyber problems, advanced technology, and so on defense and security which is … Read more

After “betrayal” .. “Ibrahimovic’s nose” is up for auction

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The auction has arrived on the site "ebay"Tuesday, to $610. The bronze statue was life-size for the Swedish star, erected in his hometown Malmo 2019 has been the target of numerous attacks since the player invested in Stockholm-based club Hammarby in November 2019, angering fans of Malmö, the club where … Read more

Tera Luna Rises While Awaiting Rescue Plan… High Betrayal News By

© Reuters – Have Luna and TerraUST been betrayed by the founders, it seems that the coming days may reveal more details about the biggest crash in the cryptocurrency market. According to news from South Korea, legal documents revealed the liquidation of two South Korean offices and the dissolution of Terraform Labs Korea in … Read more

A betrayal in sight: Paul Pogba could sign at rival Manchester United

At the end of his contract at Manchester United, Paul Pogba is currently thinking about the direction his career should take. The French midfielder has no offer from his club and knows he will have to change his tune this summer. But if Juventus and PSG have been mentioned so far, the English press tells … Read more

Accused of betrayal, Lazarev turned to the fans with tears

Of course, it’s nice when the viewer reciprocates, but in the case of Sergey Lazarev, everything is a little more complicated. Not everyone has forgotten that back in February he did not want to be associated with what was happening. The words of the artist that he “roars like a child” and “the powers that … Read more

“Never mind my choice… a betrayal for some”

Top scorer (10) and best passer (7) of Nîmes Olympique, the 23-year-old attacking midfielder, Yassine Benrahou is undoubtedly one of the attractions of the season in Ligue 2. Yassine Benrahou is still patient before turning a corner in her progress by joining the elite. In an interview with RTL, the 23-year-old attacking midfielder explained that … Read more