Barcelona Kiss Player Betrayal to Liverpool & Man United

TWITTER.COM/ALI400N Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele celebrating a Barcelona goal. BOLASPORT.COM – Barcelona smelled the secret betrayal plot that the player was committing to Liverpool or Manchester United. The suspected player Barcelona is their wing striker, Ousmane Dembele. Since arriving in the 2017-2018 season, Dembele has always caused controversy. Barcelona redeem Dembele with a tag … Read more

Far from Solzhenitsyn. “Ivan Denisovich” by Gleb Panfilov is not a movie, but meanness and betrayal | Kashin

The propaganda model is the theory of Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, which asserts the existence of systematic distortions in the media and explains them for economic reasons. In terms of the propaganda model, the media are seen as businesses selling goods – readers and audiences (not news) – to other businesses (advertisers, governments). That … Read more

Paola Rey and Juan Carlos Vargas, how they met: love story | Passion of hawks | Montecristo between love and betrayal | FAME

Paola Rey, remembered for having played Jimena Elizondo in “Passion of Hawks“She is one of the most beloved actresses in Colombia and the rest of Latin America. Born in Bucaramanga, Rey made her debut on the scene at the age of 16 and since then she did not stop until she became one of the … Read more

The European Union considers Biden’s behavior a betrayal

The fact that Biden did not consult with the EU on the creation of a new cooperation, on the basis of which Australia canceled a huge contract for the purchase of French submarines, upset the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. He said it was a clear breach of the agreement reached by leaders … Read more

Top general accused of “betrayal” – defends concern talks with China

On Tuesday, it was announced that the United States’ leading general. Mark Milley, on two occasions, contacted his Chinese colleague to reassure the Chinese. The phone calls took place just before the presidential election last year, and right after the storming of Congress in January. On Wednesday, Milley defends the talks, and says he wanted … Read more

Debunk EU: Astrava NPP is not enough – Kremlin media announces Polish betrayal and new nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad

In July, the focus was on relations between the Baltic States in the context of their position on the Astrava NPP. According to Algirdas Kazlauskas, the chief analyst of, the long-loved narratives of the pro-Kremlin media repeat that the Baltic states are not united and that Lithuania is pushing its neighbors to oppose the … Read more

The fall or betrayal of Saul Skvernelis? –

It is not worth guessing what will happen to both sides of the divorce. It is much more interesting to trace the moment from which the insightful eye could already see the date of the forthcoming divorce. The starting point of a divorce The habit of a long-term newspaper to observe and analyze allows us … Read more

Dario Franceschini, secretly aims at the Quirinale, but Enrico Letta does not forgive him for the betrayal with Matteo Renzi – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti September 12, 2021 “Franceschini’s revenge”, they call it in the Democratic Party. The person concerned has stopped intervening in the affairs of the party for months, concentrating on his own department. And when Dario Franceschini is silent, it is usually not a good sign for those who lead the Democrats. Also because he, … Read more

Treachery, betrayal and a murder party.. the lover’s friends compliment him with silencing the breath of the bride

12:45 PM Wednesday 08 September 2021 Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud: This 41-year-old man, who lives in Mansoura, did not know that his end would be in this ugly way. Every time he quarrels with his wife, he believed that they were disagreements and would pass unnoticed, but his life partner took advantage of this after … Read more

The queen of flow 2 Chapter 62: Mike’s proposal to Yeimy and Silvia’s betrayal of Charly | Netflix soap operas | Colombia | FAME

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After Ligia asks Manín for a divorce in the previous episode of the second season of “The queen of flow”, The criminal threatens Charly’s mother with murdering Commissioner Botero and his son if he insists on the issue of separation. With no other options, Erick’s grandmother agrees to return with Dúver Cruz, … Read more