Biden fuels the ‘fire’ of war in Ukraine. that’s a big crime

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters warns fans on his solo tour that if you can’t stand his politics, “go to the bar.” His agenda includes calling President Biden a war criminal and firing a fake semi-automatic weapon into the crowd. Waters responds to CNN’s Michael Smerconish with the same passion as he plays his music … Read more

There is a big case of political espionage in Greece

Loading player Center-right Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis tried to clarify on Monday with a televised message his position and his government’s position on a serious political espionage scandal involving him last week, after Nikos Androulakis, the leader of the Socialist Party, reported that he had been intercepted for months by the Greek secret services. … Read more

Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start filming at the end of this year – Teller Report

Original title: Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start shooting at the end of this year Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start shooting at the end of this year Live it on August 10. According to the US film and television media DeadLine, the famous American director David … Read more

Look so big – ITavisen

Due to an increase to 48M main camera on the Pro models, finally a major upgrade from 12MP, the camera module is even thicker. Also 8K video recording is coming in September. Finally increases from 12 to 48MP The camera part with the three lenses is so much bigger that it is easy to see … Read more

Think Big Milky Way – MRAJAH

Posted On August 9, 2022 I often go out at night to look at the stars. I always choose twinkling beauties and make requests. Must be left behind from childhood when I routinely did such magical things. Just hanging out under the stars makes me wonder why so many adults have bought the non-magical adult … Read more

Big dose of love for the singer of the Cowboys Fringants at Festivent

It was obvious, with the current context, that this evening was to be special. Fighting a battle against cancer, Karl Tremblay, singer of the Cowboys Fringants, received a huge dose of love during the transition from training to the Festivent event. • Read also: Cowboys Fringants singer battles cancer The crowd was huge. The biggest … Read more

Pierce Brosnan, Keeley Smith, wedding and how the actor celebrated the anniversary of the big day

The great love, the real one, which does not fade with time. Which overcomes all difficulties and stands above all. Who doesn’t dream of her… This is exactly the story of Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith. Is Pierce Brosnan a happy husband and father? Family holidays and memories When we are in love, time flies … Read more

Do wolves pose a threat to humans? ‘That’s a big misunderstanding’ | animals

08 aug 2022 om 04:57Update: 2 dagen geleden Being in Park De Hoge Veluwe for the first time seen wolf cubs and also elsewhere the first wolf pack signaled. There was a lot of discussion on our reaction platform NUj about possible danger to people. “That’s actually a big misunderstanding,” says ecologist and wolf expert … Read more

Auto News: How Big a Battery Do You Want? First drive with the new Kia Niro

Kia Niro is not only a 100% electric car, but also a self-charging and charging hybrid similar in appearance and size. How to distinguish them? For an electric car, the charging socket is in the front. “The fact that the electric model is the most important is indicated by the power. The electric machine is … Read more