Grillo-Moby investigation, Beppe’s pressing for Onorato in chats with the ‘big’ grillini: “Can we intervene?”

We are big del 5 Star Movement like the then Minister of Development Stefano Patuanelli and his deputy Stefano Buffagni, Besides Danilo Toninelli (not investigated, ed), in the chats and papers of the Milan prosecutors who investigate Beppe Grillo and its relations with the Moby, the shipping company of the shipowner Vincenzo Onorato. The attention … Read more

Shame on me at the age of your daughters… A big technical shock with what the star Ahmed Badir did with the star Nermin El-Feki and the sentence was 6 months in prison!

2022/01/18 It’s 07:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Actress Nermin El-Feki was a guest on a program clearly with the media Amr El-Leithi and broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, and said that she started in the field of advertising. When he saw her, Talaat Yohanna in Al-Ajami presented her with the idea, then asked her … Read more

last year made a big profit of more than four shares EPS 4.81 yuan | Anue Juheng

Lead Frame Factory Director Section*(6548-TW) today (18) held a legal meeting and announced the financial report. Benefiting from the continuous increase in the price of lead frames and the benefits of capacity optimization, the gross profit margin in the fourth quarter of last year surged to 34% in one fell swoop. , the net profit … Read more

Scandal in Italy after a goal disallowed in Milan, the referee apologizes for his ‘big’ mistake

It’s a match that could weigh very heavily at the end of the season for the players of the Milan AC. And the referee of the meeting has a lot to do with it. Milan had the opportunity to temporarily take the lead in the standings from their rival Interiste this Monday evening with the … Read more

“Ja Nongphanee” prepares to make a big merit More than 2,000 bags of rice were distributed at the Wai Kru event in their hometown.

As the owner has an award “Those who cover the gold behind the Buddha image” guarantee “Ja Nongphanee Mahadthai” Prepare to make a big merit ready to share kindness Ordered more than 2,000 bags of rice to give away at the teacher’s ceremony at home. By today (17 Jan. 65) the sexy girl Lukthung “Ja … Read more

Big changes in TVP. It is known who will replace Magdalena Ogórek – o2

The Television Information Agency is preparing changes to the popular program “In the Counter”. Its current leaders – Jarosław Jakimowicz and Magdalena Ogórek will no longer appear next to each other. TVP Info intends to separate the existing couple. The new formula “In opposition”. Without the cucumber Moreover, the program is to be published more … Read more

Big power cut in the Huy region this morning: a marten deprives 20,000 homes of electricity

It was without electricity that many Hutois and residents of neighboring towns such as Marchin, Modave, Strée, Tihange and even Andenne woke up. Many of you have informed us of this power outage via the orange Alert us button. “General power outage in Huy.” “Power outage in Huy since before 6am this morning. What’s going … Read more

Man United the big boss, Genk and Anderlecht on top in Belgium

If we take a look at the five major leagues, Manchester United (299 minutes) is ahead of PSG (305 minutes), the Lazio Rome (315 minutes), l’Inter Milan (315 minutes) and the Milan AC (324). The red lantern of this specific classification goes to Burnley, a team that receives a penalty every… 1,474 minutes, or about … Read more

Already three new residents in ‘Big brother’ house

(Vlnr) Leroy, Julio and Hanne. — ©  Play 4 Three new residents have already arrived in the ‘Big Brother’ house. We introduce them. Monday, January 17, 2022 at 03:00 Hanne (36) from Genk “Being Hanne is my best quality,” says the Limburger with Italian roots. “I am my own person, pleasantly disturbed with an open … Read more