Want to lower your electricity bill? Find out which home appliance “eats” you the most

Specialists from the energy management company Schneider Electric have compiled a list of the most electricity-consuming electrical appliances used in the home and calculated how much each of them adds to our electricity bills. 50-70 percent electricity bills consist of heating and cooling equipment costs “Heating and cooling devices, such as air conditioners or pumps, … Read more

Bill Gates banned his children’s cell phones until they were 14 years old so they could be successful

When he gave the cell phone to his children, he had the access passwords. (Reuters) Bill Gates he is one of the most influential characters in the history of technology and computing; However, in his house the rules were very clear with his children and he preferred to limit their access to one of the … Read more

It turned out to be 19 thousand. The nugget of the story of a 90-year-old senior citizen who received a bill for electricity | Business

In the autumn of last year 15min wrote about the story of an elderly woman in Kaunas – some time after changing the old meter to a new one, she was billed an impressive, almost 19,000 euro bill for supposedly previously consumed but not properly accounted for electricity. During ESO’s meeting with the media held … Read more

it’s worth doing the math to reduce your bill

The energy crisis and high electricity prices have forced people to look for ways to save. In order to reduce electricity bills, it is worth taking a closer look at which electrical appliances at home “eat” us the most and changing some habits, the press release says. Specialists from the energy management company Schneider Electric … Read more

4 tips from Bill Gates to stay productive

Advice that could change your daily life at work for the better. (Photo: Foto Sushi for Unsplash) DAMNED JOB! is a section where Olivier Schmouker answers your toughest questions [et les plus pertinentes] on the modern business world… and, of course, its failings. An appointment to read tuesdays and the thursdays. Do you want to … Read more

‘Energy’ bonuses (gas and electricity) for January, February and March: they arrive on your bill

For the vast majority of customers, there is nothing to do. Everything is done automatically. The FPS Economy sent suppliers, around mid-February, the list of customers eligible for these bonuses. It is then up to the suppliers to encode the data so that the bonuses are applied to customer invoices. Lead times vary by provider. … Read more

New bill bonus: who is it for?

A new bonus for bills could arrive for Italian families: it is part of the family bonus that the Minister of Economy Giorgetti has decided to prepare for Italians. Let’s explore this issue together in the following article. The Government, as already announced by the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti at the end of the year, he … Read more

Appliances that you can leave connected all day without thinking about the electricity bill

technology With the advancement of technology, energy became something even more essential, since the operation of multiple devices depends on it. 11/3/2023 The use of household appliances undoubtedly triggered consumption worldwide, this has been translated into the price of bills. For this reason, it is important to know which are the devices that use the … Read more