Tesla achieved what Bill Gates said was not possible

Tesla’s Semi has completed 500 miles on a single charge Image: Tesla Last week was a proud day for Tesla. The car manufacturer announced that his semi electric truck had completed a 500 mile journey on a single charge. The achievement is very important and they showed it along with a video, something that Bill … Read more

Gas, the truce is over. And the bill still rises to 1,714 euros a year

The slowdown in gas prices was just an illusion. The race has restarted again: on Friday, Arera – the Energy Regulatory Authority – indeed communicated that the prices of methane under the protected regime increased again in November, with an increase of 13.7% compared to October values, when the price had fallen by 12.9% compared … Read more

The same-sex marriage bill passed the U.S. Senate. A groundbreaking coalition

US Senate passed a landmark bill to recognize same-sex marriages by federal authorities on Tuesday. The project would not have been passed without the creation of an equally groundbreaking coalition of Democrats and Republicans, including some senators representing deeply conservative wings. It is one of the last major legislative achievements of the Democrats before the … Read more

Vincent and Veerle took in five Ukrainian refugees and are now suddenly presented with a bill: “Water costs us 1,000 euros more than expected” (Geraardsbergen)

© GJG Geraardsbergen – Vincent Vogels and his wife Veerle Callebaut took in five Ukrainian refugees for six months. When the bill for the water consumption was received by the pharmacist couple, it was a bit of a shock because the additional consumption during the care period is charged twice. However, the water company refuses … Read more

Electricity bill: Subsidiometer shows benefits you pay – 11/29/2022 – Mercado

From the beginning of this year until Monday (28), the electricity bill, which is paid by families and small businesses, charged consumers almost R$ 26 billion in subsidies, basically incentives to different undertakings🇧🇷 On average, these benefits represented 12.59% of the energy tariff in the period. The values ​​are shown in the Subsidiometer, a new … Read more

Senator Menia from Trieste presents a bill on Italian: it is the official language, there is no need to teach Friulian in schools

the case The Trieste senator, elected in Liguria, wants to launch his battle in defense of national identity: “There are many places to speak Marilenghe, at home, in cultural associations, I don’t think it’s necessary even in the classroom” Elisa Coloni November 29, 2022Updated at 07:13 2 minute read

Energy bill even higher due to increase in transport costs | Money

ACM is aware that the rising tariffs come at an unfortunate time. Board member Manon Leijten nevertheless calls them ‘necessary’: “We tested the proposed tariffs on the basis of the method that stimulates network operators to be more efficient and that offers room for investments in the energy transition. Because the rates comply with this, … Read more

Ministry of Health Prohibits Health Workers from Joining Action Against Health Bill, There Are Sanctions

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) prohibit employees of the state civil apparatus (ASN) and non-ASN employees, especially doctors in technical implementation units from engaging in peaceful demonstrations against the drafting Health Bill which was initiated by a number of professional organizations (OP) such as IDI, PPNI, IBI, IAI, and a number … Read more