Bill that provides a state guarantee for mortgage loans is sent to the Senate.

Message Nº119-368 entered by the President to the Chamber of Deputies in September, is in a position to pass the Senate to its second legislative process, after the Chamber of the Chamber approves it in general and in particular, by 142 votes in favor. and one against. The project creates a new type of credit … Read more

The three competencies that Bill Gates considers essential to find a job

For Bill Gates, the most immediate problem is finding a vaccine for Covid-19: since last April, the founder of Microsoft has started spending billions of euros to help prevent infections and help find a solution to the global crisis current. In fact, to date he has participated in seven major projects in this regard. However, … Read more

Bill Russell and his biggest NBA win

Bill Russell’s career belongs to that symbolic 1% of those athletes who count more triumphs than defeats: the pivot spent thirteen seasons in the NBA as a professional player and in eleven of them he finished as champion of the competition. Although no one will likely repeat such an achievement, his greatest victory came on … Read more

Elías de Pérez voted against the bill that condemns the coup in Bolivia | The Note Tucumán

With 29 positive votes, 8 negative votes and 4 abstentions, the Senate approved the bill that expresses its “most energetic rejection of the coup d’état perpetrated in the Plurinational State of Bolivia against the democratically elected government of President Juan Evo Morales Ayma.” Senator Silvia Elías de Pérez voted against and José Alperovich did not … Read more

Coronavirus | Bill Gates’ IHM predicts Spain’s death toll from COVID-19 through February

He mask use, hand washing, and social distancing have become the three basic measures to deal with the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. When these are not enough to stop the contagions, they have other stricter tools such as localized confinements according to the incidence of the virus. With these same variables, and … Read more

approved bill that would require reporting all operations with bitcoin

Key facts: The measure was announced on Tuesday and will now be discussed in parliament. Any acquisition, exchange, transfer, collections and payments with bitcoin must be reported. The Government of Spain announced this Tuesday that it gave the go-ahead to a bill through which it will increase its control over operations carried out by citizens … Read more

“The visionary” Bill Gates came out in defense of the WHO against Trump’s attack

Donald Trump’s decision to suspend US funding to the World Health Organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic drew criticism not only from world leaders but also from personalities like Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder reacted to the president’s announcement via Twitter with a strong and clear message: “The world needs @WHO (WHO) now more than ever,” … Read more

Bill Gates reveals the best drug to treat COVID-19

The president of United States, Donald Trump, He received a monoclonal antibody treatment for the coronavirus disease last Friday that prevented him from continuing to work in public events during the election campaign. The biotechnology company Regeneron was commissioned to produce the drug that has had admirers such as billionaire Bill Gates. The founder of … Read more

US Senate Passes Bill Threatening Internet Privacy and Encryption

The so-called “EARN IT Act”, which stands for “Elimination of Unrestrained and Abusive Negligence from Interactive Technologies,” was presented to the US House of Representatives a week ago. It is a controversial bill that would allow the 50 state legislatures and territories of that country to pass laws that regulate the Internet. The bill calls … Read more