Billiards safe, no checks and no impediments will be needed – Chronicle

Billiards safe in factories and arcades throughout Italy. On the basis of a rule included in the maxi-amendment to the legislative decree Pnrr approved in the Senate, by November 15 of each year the Customs Agency will have to identify the “mechanical and electromechanical devices that do not distribute coupons” (including table footballs) which will … Read more

Salvi billiards: an amendment to the dl Pnrr eliminates the obligation of certification (and fines)

Table football save in bathing facilities and in game rooms from all over Italy. Based on a standard included in the maxi amendment to the new decree law Pnrr approved in the Senate, by November 15 of each year theCustoms agency will have to draw up the list of “mechanical and electromechanical devices that do … Read more

Chinese billiards player Liang Wenbo banned for four months for beating female Chinese billiards in the street – Teller Report Teller Report

Liang Wenbo, a Chinese billiard player who beats female Chinese billiards in the street, was banned by the World Taiwan Federation for four months Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-06-05 01:07 Liang Wenbo suspended for four months by the World Taiwan Federation Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 4th. The official website of the World Taiwan Federation … Read more

Billiards | 46-year-old Osulli Yunxin can fight for another 10 years in the UK and 4.5 million people witness the king’s ratings and victory in the longevity drama (19:29) – 20220504 – Sports – Instant News

O’Sullivan sacked Trump with 18:13 innings, becoming the world champion for the seventh time, tying the “Billiard Emperor” Huntley, and breaking the oldest record at the age of 46. At that time, he said he would not rule out the next game. Ji Zheng defended his title, but emphasized that he only wanted to enjoy … Read more

Billiards | Ossuli Yuncheng becomes the oldest world champion to match Huntley’s record of 7 championships and rarely shed tears because of his opponent’s comments (14:13) – 20220503 – Sports – Instant News

O’Sullivan was in great shape this year, with 3 100 breaks and 13 “50+” runs. He finally defeated Trimp 18:13 in the number of innings. He has entered the final eight times and won 7 championships, tying Huntley’s record. , and also strive to maintain the position of the first brother in the world. The … Read more

[Billiards World Championships]O’Sullivan is far ahead in the final, suspected of being a rude gesture, causing controversy

[Sports Road News]The World Snooker Championship broke out on Sunday (1st)Two generations of Cue gods dream showdown, “Rocket” O’Sullivan (Ronnie O’Sullivan) led the “Quasi God” Judd Trump temporarily with 12:5 after 17 innings in the first two stages of the first day. There was a small episode during the game. “Osu” quarreled with the ball … Read more

[Billiards World Championships]O’Suliyun swept Higgins to fight Zhuo Limpu for seven championships

[Sports Road News]Ronnie O’Sullivan swept John Higgins 17:11 in the top 4 of the World Snooker Championship on Saturday (30th) for the 8th time in his career Reaching the final, he will face off against Judd Trump, who beat another “75 Three Heroes” Mark Williams in the final match, tying Stephen Hendry’s record 7th world … Read more

【Billiards World Championships】Break the record again!O’Sullivan is the first player in history to reach the top 4 for the 13th time

(Credit : WST) [Sports Road News]The 46-year-old talented star Ronnie O’Sullivan continued to show his true character as a king. On Wednesday (27th), he won two more cities in the third stage of the World Snooker Championship semi-finals, sweeping Mai Jia 13-5 Asia (Stephen Maguire), the 13th “Tuk” entered the World Championships quarter-finals, becoming the … Read more

[Billiards World Championships]Osulliyun entered the top 8 and broke Huntley’s 2 record Yan Bingtao smashed Shabi’s dream of defending the title

(Credit : WST) [Body Road News]46-year-old “World One” Ronnie O’Sullivan made a strong breakthrough in the World Snooker Championship. After winning the next round in the third stage of the second round on Saturday (23rd), he swept Ai 13-4. Mark Allen, who reached the quarterfinals for the 20th time in his career and won his … Read more

In response to billiards being downgraded Green Zheng: No change to the list of A-level sports for the time being

[ Sports Road News ]Since billiards failed to participate in at least 3 Asian Games or Olympic Games between 2010 and 2030, it was reported earlier thatIt will be downgraded to a B-level elite project by the government in April next year, which greatly reduces the amount of resources. The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, posted … Read more