Suddenly Indonesia’s Foreign Exchange Added US$ 3.8 Billion, Money From the Sky?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves (Cadev) finally increased in November after declining for 7 consecutive months. When foreign exchange reserves continue to decline, the trade balance continues to record a surplus. This raises the question of where does Indonesia’s export proceeds (DHE) go? Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Destry Damayanti … Read more

European technology companies lost 400 billion euros this year. USD values

Photo by Dado Ruvičius (Reuters / Scanpix). Publicly traded and private European technology companies lost around 400 billion euros this year. USD value – according to the calculations of the venture capital company Atomico, the total value of companies decreased from 3.1 trillion. USD peak in 2021 at the end to 2.7 trillion. USD. Atomico, … Read more

PPF has a loss of almost eight billion after leaving Russia. It was about good manners, Šmejc said

“The loss results from the withdrawal of Home Credit from the Russian market. In this context, for me, it represents an expression of good morals rather than a failure,” said PPF Group CEO Jiří Šmejc about the results. PPF and its Home Credit company announced in early September that they had completed the sale of … Read more

There is 65 billion dollars in hidden debt – Markets

The debt hidden in the balance sheets of banks, pension funds, insurance companies and venture funds amounts to 65 billion dollars, a figure that represents a threat to financial stability, warned this Monday the International Bank of Payments (BIS). This figure represents 14% of total financial assets worldwide. …

Czechs bought 3.3 billion crowns worth of bitcoins this year. But the volume of business is falling

“The end of the FTX exchange and the investigation of the Xixoio token project in the Czech environment did not help businesses much. However, the low price increased the share of speculative purchases, which, however, did not offset the decrease compared to October in terms of volume,” said founder Martin Stránský. Virtually the entire … Read more

Majid Al Futtaim Group secures a $1.25 billion sustainability-related loan

She said Majid Al Futtaim UAE Group of Retail Stores Today, Monday, it secured a $1.25 billion revolving credit facility linked to the company’s environmental, social and governance objectives. First Abu Dhabi Bank led the arrangement of the loan, the group’s second sustainability-related loan, as sustainability agent and coordinator. The group, which operates shopping malls … Read more

Unprecedented offer from UAE and Saudi Arabia: Let’s give 3.7 billion dollars and buy it to us

The Saudi Arabian and Qatari joint investment fund was the largest bidder for Liverpool, which was put up for sale. The most serious offer to Fenway Sports Group, which put Liverpool up for sale, came from the Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium. According to the news of David Lynch from Sporting News; The Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint … Read more

“Seung-gi, I got hurt too”…The shocking reason Kim Wan-seon was robbed of 130 billion won for 13 years

online community While singer and actor Lee Seung-gi is in a tense confrontation with his agency Hook Entertainment over the issue of settlement of music revenue, singer Kim Wan-seon also shocked everyone by telling the story of not receiving a single penny of the proceeds for 13 years. Only ‘0 won’ in profits for 13 … Read more

Detected tidal disruption phenomenon that occurred 8.5 billion years ago? A rare type that emits a jet | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ An artist’s impression of a black hole tearing apart an approaching star and emitting a relativistic jet (Credit: Carl Knox (OzGrav, ARC Center of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery, Swinburne University of Technology))] of the University of MarylandIgor Andreoniand the University of MinnesotaMichael CoughlinA research team led by has published research results on tidal … Read more

The “Qatari sovereign” ends investment deals in Egypt worth $2.7 billion

Informed sources revealed that the Qatar Investment Authority – the sovereign fund – is close to finalizing agreements with Egyptian government agencies to conduct investment deals in the market, worth about $2.7 billion. The sources added, in exclusive statements to Al-Mal, that the investment deals that will be announced during the current month include the … Read more