Learn about the biography of Prince Philip, the third oldest in the British royal family

Died Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 100… and the deceased prince is considered the third oldest centenarian in the British royal family. Prince Philip was born in the Greek island of Corfu in 1921 to a Greek-Danish royal family. His one-year-old family was exiled from Greece after a military … Read more

[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] Sargon the Great of Akkadian, the First King of World Civilization

KOMPAS.com – One of the leaders government the earliest in the world, is Sargon the Great. According to records biography, around 2334-2279 BC, he the first king who ruled a so -called civilization Akkadian Empire, which mostly consists of Ancient Mesopotamia. He has conquered all of Sumeria (southern Mesopotamia) as well as parts of Syria, … Read more

[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt Who Ruled 66 Years Page all

KOMPAS.com – Ramses II is king (Pharaoh) Egypt who led for 66 years and is considered the pinnacle of Egypt’s power and success. He lived in 1303-1213 BC. Named one of the most powerful and influential figures of the Egyptian Pharaohs in history, Ramses II began the first year of his reign fighting pirates and … Read more

Cream Premsini, biography of a beautiful actress after the end of her life with a businessman husband

Premsini cream biography of a beautiful actress After the latest open-minded break up with Peter Jirawat, a businessman Today we will take you to get to know And look back at the work in the entertainment industry of Prem Sini cream Became another dank single woman of the industry for Premsini cream Beautiful actress To … Read more

Profile and Biography of Sisca Kohl, TikTok Celebs with Hundreds of Million Piggy Banks

Suara.com – Profile and Biodata Sisca Kohl recently became a conversation and went viral on TikTok’s social media after the video broke the childhood piggy bank into netizen talk. Selebgram Sisca Kohl together with her sister Alyyah Kohl broke the piggy bank containing hundreds of millions of rupiah while tidying up their room. The piggy … Read more

Summary – Ilham Shaheen in “The Biography” (1): I left Al-Azhar University to enter the acting institute and my father interrupted me and wished he would forgive me before his death | news

The artist, Elham Shaheen, was a guest on the program “The Biography”, presented by Wafaa Al Kilani, and presented on the DMC channel. In the first part of her episode, Elham spoke about her artistic beginnings and her relationship with her father, who refused to enter the field of acting. We recommend: Ilham Shaheen: I … Read more

Tourism / GT – Death of Sabine Schmitz, Queen of the Nordschleife

Green Hell has lost its queen. Nicknamed for her driving skills on the north loop of the Nürburgring, Sabine Schmitz died of cancer at just 51 years old. Native of Adenau near the German circuit, Sabine Schmitz first followed the path of her parents, managers of the Am Tiergarten hotel. Very quickly, hotel training was … Read more

Biathlete Ondřej Moravec The path to success led through a serious illness

Ondřej Moravec during the last race of his rich career. Czech biathlon / Petr Slavík As is often the case in great sports stories, Ondřej Moravec also had to overcome difficult life and performance obstacles on the way to his biathlon dream. Fortunately, even in this case, the story has a happy ending. But it … Read more

Fernando Colunga. This was his debut on television (VIDEO)

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 03.03.2021 16:40:57 ​Fernando Colunga, who recently gave what to talk about because He resigned from the series where he was going to incarnate Jesús Malverde, so he is also a singer Pedro Fernandez it substituted, celebrates his 55th birthday this March 3. Given this, it is worth remembering how he … Read more

Biography of the female Angel Sepang, which is linked to the video of James Kojongian’s alleged affair

Author: Pipit Maulidiya | Editor: Musahasah SURYA.co.id – The figure of Angel, a woman who has been linked to the alleged affair James Arthur Kojongian, so the public spotlight. Angel was known by name Angel Sepang or Angelica Gabriella Sepang. Instagram Angel Sepang suddenly disappeared, since a video of a woman was circulating on the hood of a car … Read more