The ‘Riverdale’ actress who is ready to give birth to her baby

This ‘Riverdale’ actress will go into labor at any moment, she is already in the hospital to receive her baby! The fifth season of ‘Riverdale’ is about to premiere on The CW and the main actors are more than ready to continue playing their incredible but complicated characters. The new chapters will be loaded with … Read more

She refused chemotherapy in order to give birth to her third baby

For some women, the desire for children is stronger than anything, and they are willing to do anything to achieve it. Sarah Milner, 30, was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 21 weeks pregnant. The doctors were clear with her: she had to start her chemotherapy treatment as soon as possible and for this … Read more

Can prolonged use of estrogen birth control pills put your health at risk? | Healthy world

There may be times when pills that contain estrogen are not recommended. For example, it can be discontinued if the person is a smoker aged 35 years or older, you just gave birth, or has a disorder of: Blood clotting, uncontrolled high blood pressure, certain heart or vascular problems, breast cancer, certain liver problems, gallbladder … Read more

Birth control pills lower the risk of some cancers

A new study from Uppsala University shows that birth control pills reduce the risk of certain types of genital cancer. The protective effect also persists up to 30 years after stopping the contraceptive. According to a new study from Uppsala University, the risk of developing ovarian and endometrial cancer is reduced among women taking birth … Read more

Río Grande celebrates the first birth by assisted fertilization – General Interest | Fuegian minute

Río Grande celebrates the first birth by assisted fertilization On August 17, Samuel came to illuminate the life of Walter and Karen Di Marco, a young couple who could not have children. Samuel was born at 10 in the morning, weighing 3,300 kg, and 55 cm came to life thanks to the new National law … Read more

“24 hours after giving birth, the uterus is one finger from the navel”

Even the word that defines what happens to a woman after giving birth is not very well known. It is called the puerperium and the patients, puerparas. Even the RAE includes a meaning in the definition of puerperium as a “delicate state of the woman” after childbirth to warn that it’s not an easy phase. … Read more

Mara Pombo gives birth like the famous

Monday, January 4, 2021 – 02:07 The influencer, who said the delivery had gone wonderfully, hired a company that carried her pregnancy and delivery Mara Pombo and Pablo Castellano, at the exit of the Quirnsalud Clinic. Other level GTRES Pregnancies Mara Pombo, Helen Lindes, Isabel Jimnez … When giving birth costs 10,000 euros Last Tuesday, … Read more

María Pombo shows her body the day after giving birth

The ‘influencer’ is making her followers participate in her first experiences as a mother, also in the evolution of her tummy after childbirth. We start the first Sunday of this newly released 2021 with the best selection of photos of celebrities. Thanks to the networks, there are many who open the doors of their privacy … Read more

After birth: rugby star Tom Burgess is getting married soon!

With these two everything is happening in rapid succession! It was only in November that Tom Burgess (28) and Tahlia Giumelli (27) had great news to announce: The rugby star and his wife have become parents for the second time – daughter Sophie was happy to have a little brother. A few weeks after the … Read more

Harry Kane: Tottenham forward announced the birth of his first child

A few hours after the New Year in the Britain, Harry Kane, forward of TottenhamHe shared how he lives one of the happiest moments of his life, the first days of his son’s life. The English forward shared his first photo with Louis Harry Kane in what seems like the medical discharge of his partner … Read more