Changpeng Zhao forecasts the price of bitcoin for the next 2 years

The price of bitcoin (BTC) could be below the 69 thousand dollars until the year 2024, so stated the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao. “Given this fall in the prices of the cryptocurrenciesit will probably take a few months or a couple of years to recover,” Zhao said during a interview to the British newspaper … Read more

China warns bitcoin will hit zero, but Bank of England more bullish on cryptocurrency

The Chinese government has taken advantage of the violent cryptocurrency market crash to warn crypto investors that bitcoin prices (BTC) “go to zero”. El South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday that the Chinese national news agency Economic Daily had issued a warning about the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization to further deter citizens from … Read more

The erosion of bitcoin and other digital currencies: 70% lost in six months. The Swiss Consob: “Similarities with the crash of ’29”

Resumes the progressive weakening of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Again in sync with the stock markets. Perhaps even more problematic than the dips themselves. In recent years, bitcoin has tried to establish itself as an alternative investment to lists, a form of alleged diversification. In fact, this assumption is proving to be inconsistent. The … Read more

Binance CEO Believes Bitcoin Price Will Return to an All Time High of $70,000 Within Months

In the midst of a steady stream of bad news over the past few weeks, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of crypto exchange Binance, believes that the price of Bitcoin is likely to return to a near-new high. $70,000, which could happen in the next few months. or maybe within the next 2-3 years “I think this … Read more

“Bitcoin is dead” is the best you can hear, according to Binance CEO | Technology

These are the words with which the CEO of Binance invites to say that Bitcoin can still go higher, and we tell the reason behind it. Cryptocurrencies are not going through their best moment, and proof of this is the price of Bitcoin, perhaps the best known and most stable within the crypto market. And … Read more

Bitcoin drops opt to $ 20,000. It could fall to $ 13,000 if historical developments repeat itself

Cena bitcoin after a short rise in the last few days it returns again to 20,000 USD for coins. According to Ian Harnett of Absolute Strategy Research, its price could fall to 13,000 USD. Bitcoin In its history, it has been shown several times by strong general corrections and declines, which on average corresponded to … Read more

Bitcoin Flows More Than $2 Billion From Crypto Exchanges In One Week, What Does This Indicate?

#Bitcoin | More than 108,200 $BTC have been withdrawn from known cryptocurrency exchange wallets since June 14, worth roughly $2.16 billion. 🧐 in other words Bitcoin $2.21 Billion Value Withdrawn From Multiple Crypto Exchanges In One Week what does this indicate In general, flows in and out of crypto exchanges tend to fluctuate with … Read more

Cryptocurrencies are on the edge of the abyss… and Bitcoin is heading to this level

Co-founder and chief investment officer at Absolute Strategy Research, Ian Harnett, has warned of the imminent collapse of Bitcoin. Harnett predicted that the most valuable cryptocurrency would likely drop to $13,000 – roughly a 40% drop from current levels. “We will continue to sell these types of Cryptocurrencies In this environment.” “It is a question … Read more