Lukashenka does not convince even close allies: he does not make decisions

Delphi morning, in 2023 June 4 15:58 Aliaksandr Lukashenka is calling on other countries to join the Russia-Belarus union state and promising that Russia will give them nuclear weapons in return. Such statements were heard immediately after the defense ministers of both countries signed an agreement in Minsk on the deployment of Russian non-strategic … Read more

Blackmail is Orbán’s tactic, the EU must get rid of unanimous voting, appeal some MEPs

Hungary again blocked EU military aid to Ukraine this week. MEP Mikuláš Peksa (Pirates) said in connection with Orbán’s policy that it is time for the European Union to get rid of unanimous decision-making by the Council in the field of foreign policy, even though local conservatives do not like it. According to MEP Stanislav … Read more

After the historic test: the Russians no longer have the blackmail card, but there is another problem | Business

– The attempt to disconnect from the Russian energy system was successful, Lithuania managed to do it alone and act as an island. With such success, have we taken away Russia’s last blackmail card against Lithuania in energy? – I don’t think we took away the card, it wasn’t even there. The Russians also have … Read more

The Kremlin again resorted to nuclear blackmail – ISW

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) suggests that the Kremlin is once again resorting to nuclear threats to deter Western military aid to Ukraine ahead of a planned counteroffensive. Source: ISW Details: Analysts suggest that the Kremlin is likely to try to force Belarus into further integration within the Union State when Russian … Read more

Swedish politician victim of blackmail – had to pay for breast surgery after one-night stand

The pupils got to see Michelangelo – the headmaster had to resign MASTERPIECE: Michelangelo’s statue of David is considered one of art history’s greatest masterpieces. Some parents in Florida liken the work to pornography. Photo: Antonio Calanni/AP Photo The principal of Tallahassee Classical School in Florida was forced to resign after parents accused the school … Read more

France: 2 journalists sentenced for blackmail against the King of Morocco

Two French journalists were given a one-year suspended prison sentence and a 10,000 euro fine in Paris on Tuesday, found guilty of trying to blackmail the King of Morocco in 2015 by demanding money in return for the non- publication of a book. The journalists, whose lawyers immediately appealed, denied having made any threat but … Read more

STALKER 2 – Heart of Chornobyl: Blackmail by pro-Russian hackers

As if GSC Game World didn’t have enough on its hands, pro-Russian hackers are now trying to blackmail and threaten the studio. As it became known over the weekend, there is new trouble surrounding STALKER 2 – Heart of Chornobyl. According to reports, apparently pro-Russian hackers are trying to blackmail the development studio GSC Game … Read more

Xu Qiaoxin was suspected of “emotional blackmail” when he said that he would not enter politics. Zhu Lilun: Unity is the most important | Politics

A few days ago, the Kuomintang broke out the “big situation clause” storm, wanting to prevent the incumbent congressman from turning to the legislator. Xu Qiaoxin, a Taipei city councilor who declared his candidacy, cried many times on the program and live broadcast, accusing him of being “domestic violence.” Xu Qiaoxin said in a radio … Read more

The Communist Party appreciates Boric’s pardons for 12 “fighters” and an ex-frontist and accuses the right of “blackmail” for getting off the security desk

As is tradition, this January 1st the Communist Party (CP) made his traditional “caldillo de congrio with a Nerudian recipe” that they carry out annually to make an evaluation of the year that is going away and share with the press that works that day. It was within this framework that in the activity, which … Read more