It’s a LEGO block!

Modder James Brown shows us that DOOM is not only iconic, but also playable anywhere. DOOM is one of those games that, due to its pioneering proposal in the first-person shooter genre, continues to be seen as one of the classics more important of the sector. This is complemented by iconic anecdotes such as no … Read more

Environmentalists (again) block the siding and chained themselves in the street. The anger of motorists

They chained themselves in the street and then sat down blocking the great ring road of Rome. Yet. New demonstrative action by the Last Generation environmentalists, who after i numerous blitzes put in place since last October, on the occasion of G20 which was held in Romethey returned to protest, once again – as already … Read more

Viral, a typical hornbill from Kalimantan, was killed by a group of people, hit by a wooden block until it was trampled on the neck

Kalimantan hornbill is slaughtered by a group of people. [infokomando.official / Instagram] – A video that records the sadistic action of a man killing hornbill bird typical Kalimantan viral on social media. Quoted from the @infokomando.official account, it can be seen from a short video uploaded by a hornbill or hornbill with both wings … Read more

ProRail and Arriva consider reporting after a rail block by farmers

ProRail and regional transporter Arriva are considering filing a complaint against the farmers who blocked the railway in the Achterhoek for about an hour and a half last night. “People walked on the track and vehicles were stopped at the level crossing”, Aldert Baas of rail manager ProRail told Broadcasting Gelderland† “The farmers have endangered … Read more

The future of the government: MRF tried to block the election of head of the anti-corruption commission – Bulgaria

© Julia Lazarova Radostin Vassilev, Toshko Yordanov, Victoria Vasileva Five MPs from “There Are Such People” and resigned Sports Minister Radostin Vassilev left the party on Monday (June 13th) and fueled hopes of “Continuing Change” that the tripartite coalition could now remain in power. However, the group seceded it is not enough, because at least … Read more

ISO is free to download! Win11 22H2 official version 22621 expanded push: block crack installation users | XFastest News

Windows 11 annual update 22H2 has been officially announced, and the official version number of RTM has been finalized as Build 22621. Currently, the ISO image is available for Insider members to download. This morning, Microsoft pushed 22H2 (Build 22621) to Insider members of the Release Preview channel. Unless there is a major error, it … Read more

Rui Sports: China’s men’s basketball team hits the Olympics and adds stumbling block to the Philippines or has 3 NBA players_Green_1_CBA

Original title: Rui Sports: China’s men’s basketball team hit the Olympics, adding a roadblock to the Philippines or having 3 NBA players Recently, the 21-year NBA’s No. 2 pick, Houston Rockets super rookie Jaylen Green has become the investment ambassador of the East Asian Super League. What is the relationship between Green and Asia? It … Read more

PHANTEKS Glacier G3090 Ti GIGABYTE Graphics Water Block and Backplate

Phanteks has released the new Glacier G3090 Ti Gigabyte Water Block, a water block and backplate specially designed for the recently launched GIGABYTE AORUS XTREME / GAMING RTX 3090 Ti. The 3090 Ti is the most powerful graphics card in the GeForce RTX 30 series, and the new Glacier G3090 Ti Gigabyte waterblock delivers great … Read more

Twitter. Several NGOs come together to try to block the purchase of Elon Musk

Several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) came together to block the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla. “If we don’t block this operation, (Musk) will give a megaphone to demagogues and extremists, who (…) incite hatred, violence and harassment,” Nicole Gill, executive director of Accountable Tech, said in a statement released on Friday. … Read more

Between “Block” Al-Saqqal and Solomon’s speed, he put Siblini in the covenant

It can be considered that Mahmoud Siblini’s transition from Al-Nijmeh to Al-Ahed ended with what his agent Maan Halawi revealed. Halawi singled out Al-Akhbar with full details of the events, confirming through a call from his place of residence in Congo that his words were documented through his messages and the “WhatsApp” application during his … Read more