Ukraine, Kharkiv | Ukraine: Rocket attack hits residential block in Kharkiv

Pictures from a Reuters photographer on the scene show an apartment block in flames, the news agency itself reports. – A rocket from the enemy has hit a block of flats in the city centre, writes Governor Oleh Synegubov on Telegram. – According to updated information, one person has been killed, he writes in a … Read more

Tired of phone spam? 2 tools that can help you block annoying calls | Technology

Receiving calls from strangers, or worse, from combinations of numbers and codes that do not even belong to the country, has become a repetitive practice in Chile. These generally come from commercial houses, companies that offer different types of plans or collection companies. To combat them, at BioBioChile we present 2 Internet tools that help … Read more

The first F-16 Block 70, the future main fighter of the national army, successfully flew in the test flight-International

Lockheed Martin (Lockheed Martin) announced on the 24th that the first F-16V block 70 fighter jet has successfully made its maiden flight. This batch of newly produced F-16V also includes 66 aircraft from Taiwan. It is expected to be deployed in Taitung after all deliveries in 2026. Enhance the combat power of the air force. … Read more

Lee Yong-jin’s wife’s bedtime signal? block the door… Warm (living together, not married)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Comedian Lee Yong-jin revealed the bedtime signal he sends to his wife. The first night of a man and a woman living together was revealed on Channel A’s ‘Cohabiting, Not Married’, which aired on the afternoon of the 20th. In response, Han Hye-jin asked Lee Yong-jin and Aiki, “Are you two … Read more

Maduro Wants to Form a New Regional Block Allied with Russia and China

loading… Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo/REUTERS CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed the creation of a new international bloc involving Latin American and Caribbean countries that would have close ties with Russia and China. During his annual address to the Venezuelan parliament on Friday, Maduro said he had recently spoken with the presidents of … Read more

EKWB gold plated water block for split Core 13000

When Intel launched the Core 13000 series “Raptor Lake” last fall, it was immediately clear that the processors can handle high temperatures without much difficulty, even when using high-performance cooling. This applies not least to the newly launched flagship Core i9-13900KSwhich has proven to be a very thirsty model. One of the tactics some use to … Read more

Suitcase disappears after flight and passenger finds it in an apartment block along with other empty ones

A United Airlines passenger had the unpleasant experience of having her suitcase lost by the airline. Despite this, she was perceptive and before the trip bought an Apple AirTag, which ensured that she discovered not only the unusual whereabouts of her things, but also that the airline was lying. The traveler in question is Valerie … Read more

Two brothers block 55 trains, delay 100 others, by cutting cables on the La Louvière/Charleroi line

The circulation of trains between Piéton and Marchienne-au-Pont had been interrupted this Monday, shortly before 2 p.m.: in question, cable thieves, two brothers who had cut several dozen copper sections, at the height of Monceau-sur- Samber. *** **** ******** **** ******* ****** ** ** ** ** **** *** ***** **** ** ******** ******* ** ******* … Read more

Researchers identify 26 natural compounds that block covid-19

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UCB) in Canada announced Monday that they have identified 26 naturally occurring compounds that prevent the SARC-CoV-2 virus, which causes covid-19, from infecting human cells, potentially creating medicines against the disease. Scientists from UCB, in western Canada, published in the Antiviral Research medical journal that after investigating more … Read more