Robert Kiyosaki Suggests Investing in These Assets, Apart from Bitcoin — Blockchain Media Indonesia

Robert Kiyosaki, investor and author of the well-known book Rich Dad Poor Dad, advises investing in a number of assets other than the Bitcoin he supports, during the current crisis. For the record, Kiyosaki is a genuine investor in physical gold and silver, not in the form of an exchange traded fund (ETF) traded on … Read more

Bitcoin volume on exchanges has dropped dramatically – Siam Blockchain

New data indicates that Bitcoin flows from the trading board continuously Data on the network shows that the volume of Bitcoin on exchanges continues to decline. with only 12.6% of circulating supply, or about 2.4 million BTC. Data from Glassnode shows that the amount of Bitcoin left on the exchanges is more than 4.6% of … Read more

Game Space Announces Airdrop of NFTs to “Steam 1 Billion Users”! Can it attract traditional players to play GameFi? | Moving Zone – The Most Influential Blockchain Media (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency)

Game Space, a game-as-a-service (GaaS) platform, announced yesterday (25th) that it will airdrop NFTs to 1 billion players on Steam, encouraging them to switch to playing Web3 blockchain and GameFi games. According to the official description, different levels of game space badges and other limited NFTs will be obtained according to the Steam registration year. … Read more

Minecraft Developer Rejects NFT In Game, Here’s Why

Jakarta – Mojang Studiossandbox game developer, Minecraftgave his opinion regarding NFT. They said that they don’t allow anything like that in their game. “To ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technology is not allowed on our clients and servers. Skins, items or mods are not allowed to be used,” said … Read more

From La Serena to Austin, the world’s leading Chilean blockchain firm

They’ve been around for a little over a year, their founders are spread across three continents, and they’re already valued at over $100 million. That says Nicolás Arqueros, entrepreneur from Serene and current CEO of dcSpark, one of the largest blockchain companies in the world, from Paris, France. “I’m here these days because I have … Read more

Carine Dikambi (Binance): “President Alassane Ouattara affirms Côte d’Ivoire’s interest in bringing blockchain technology closer to Ivorians”

Carine Camps Carine Dikambi is Head of Francophone Africa at Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform. Former vice president of regulatory solutions at Citigroup and director of the risk and information management group at American Express, she is also passionate about blockchain and the digital economy. Co-founder of Inoni Tech, a technology hub that fosters … Read more

TokLok decentralized social media platform launched

The new decentralized communication platform TokLok has been launched to address the major privacy issues plaguing existing messaging programs, according to the platform’s website. As server-based central messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are vulnerable to attacks and data leaks, blockchain-based platforms can change the game in digital technologies. TokLok handles the privacy of reporters … Read more

Mojang does not allow NFTs and blockchain implementation in Minecraft – Gaming – News

Developer Mojang Studios does not allow implementation of blockchain and use of game files to create nfts in Minecraft. It finds that nfts ‘do not fit the values ​​of Minecraft’. Mojang is currently working on updated terms of use, which includes a section on NFTs and blockchain. Before the publication of the new guidelines, the … Read more