“Riots due to mobilization”. They blocked the highway – o2

In the Babajurt region, residents banded together on Thursday and blocked the federal highway with cars. In this way, the inhabitants of Dagestan, Russia, are protesting against the mobilization and, in practice, preventing it from being carried out. According to local media, this may be the result of a row in front of the local … Read more

The owner of the giant Chevy deliberately blocked the Canadian Supercharger. He had a great excuse

Two cases of Supercharger blocking happened a few days ago in Canada. The first offender was the owner of a giant Chevrolet Silverado 1500, who simply backed into one of the parking spaces and went to shop for 20 minutes at a nearby grocery store, as he reports insideevs.com. The behavior of the Chevrolet driver … Read more

Eight riders of the Tor des Glaciers blocked at high altitude recovered by rescue

The rescue mission started at dawn today, Saturday 17 September, to assist eight competitors of the Tor des Glaciers blocked by bad weather ended. At high altitudes the weather conditions worsened during the night, making snow storms record as well that have led to the cancellation of the Tor30 – Passage Au Malatrà and at … Read more

The “deposit war” broke out in Lebanon: 10 armed assaults on banks to withdraw savings blocked due to the crisis

Ten bank branches in little more than 48 ore: the balance sheet of the “War of deposits” in Lebanon it is assuming worrying dimensions. The news has come from the last few hours that only on Friday eight banking institutions – seven in the capital Beirut and surroundings, one in the branch of the Byblos … Read more

Portugal Officially Calls 26 Players, Cristiano Ronaldo et al will be blocked by Persija defenders

TWITTER.COM/PERSIJA One of the giant Indonesian League clubs, Persija Jakarta, showcased the moment of togetherness of its new player, Ondrej Kudela, with the superstar of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo. BOLASPORT.COM – National Team Portugal officially called up 26 players for the game UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 against Czech Republic and Spanish. Before performing … Read more

Data Backup! Millions of WA users are automatically blocked next month

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some WhatsApp users starting next month will no longer be able to use the messaging application. Because WhatsApp only supports a number of iOS and Android operating systems in the future. WhatsApp plans to stop support on iOS 10, iOS 11. According to them, the operating system is too old, while … Read more

The Bosphorus Strait was blocked by a ship with Ukrainian grain

As a result of the incident, this vital strait connecting the Black Sea with The sea of ​​marble and the wider Mediterranean Sea, was temporarily closed to shipping. According to Turkish officials, an average of 40,000 people pass through the Bosphorus every year. ships. The ship “Lady Zehma” that blocked the strait is transporting 3 … Read more

Oil tanker that left Portugal blocked the Suez Canal for five hours

Canal do Suez © Wikimedia Commons ByLusa September 01, 2022 • 06:26 An oil tanker that left Portugal blocked the Suez Canal for five hours, the canal operator announced, raising fears of an interruption in maritime traffic similar to the one caused in March 2021. The tanker Affinity V “ran aground in the Suez Canal at … Read more

8 Symptoms of Blocked Blood Vessels in the Brain That Need to be Watched, Number 6 Can Be Paralyzed : Okezone health

ADA 8 symptoms of blockage blood vessel in the brain to watch out for. This condition will be more fatal if not treated properly. Blockage of blood vessels occurs due to the buildup of plaque on the walls of blood vessels. This causes the arteries can not transmit oxygen to all organs of the body … Read more

how to see the profile picture of your ex partner who blocked you

Luckily, there’s a trick you can use to see your ex’s profile picture, even if you’ve been blocked. How to get back to see the profile picture of your ex partner who blocked you on WhatsApp? To see the photo of profile of your ex-partner, you will need to carry out the following steps: The … Read more