United States, Senate | Republicans blocked proposals for abortion laws in the Senate

The law on the protection of women’s health, which was passed in the House of Representatives, would make access to abortion a federal right. But the proposal was doomed to failure in advance and did not even come up for a vote in the Senate 51 senators, including all 50 Republicans, voted Wednesday to consider … Read more

Mobility Pass will be blocked for those who do not have their fourth vaccine – National

The Ministry of Health reported changes regarding the use of Mobility Pass in the framework of ‘Plan Step by Step we continue to take care of ourselves’asserting that said document will be blocked from June 1 to those who do not have their fourth dose or second booster vaccine. According to the Undersecretary of Public … Read more

Another “red light” massage center seized, money and valuables blocked

Another red light center was unearthed by La Spezia financiers who, at the end of careful investigations and numerous stalking, ascertained that what was presented as an oriental massage center was nothing more than a real dating house. Yesterday the blitz started with the search of the massage center and the homes of the two … Read more

Paul is horrified that his family has been blocked by Mavericks fans

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) match between the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks has been marked by an extremely unpleasant incident. There was a conflict in the stands, during which Mavericks fans insulted and pushed Chriso Paulo mother and wife. The offending fan was taken out of the match, and on leaving with the … Read more

More than a million mobility passes blocked due to incomplete booster vaccination

The authorities of the Ministry of Health reported that more than a million people have their mobility pass blocked because they have not received the booster dose, six months after the last vaccine administered, and that target population of the influenza vaccine, 62.9% have already received their respective dose. The foregoing, in an activity carried … Read more

A RANGE of Dangers WhatsApp GB Users will be Blocked, this is the Latest Download Link for 2022 which is Anti Banned

SURYA.co.id – Here are a series of application hazards WhatsApp GBusers can be threatened with being blocked by third parties WhatsApp (WA). Link download WhatsApp GB Pro V 15.00 update April 2022 anti-ban can be seen at the end of this article. It is known that there are currently quite a lot of users WhatsApp … Read more

The president of Partizan has blocked Russian clubs: they are the backbone of European basketball

The head of Partizan, who gave an interview to Sportski Magazine, said that the club itself would not ask for the Euroleague, but would not refuse an invitation. And later the head of the Serbian club turned to the topic of war. “I have repeatedly said that I am very disappointed with what is happening … Read more

Helicopter, police present in large numbers, streets blocked… What is happening in Leuze this Friday evening?

Published on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. It’s the commotion in the streets of the center of Leuze this Friday evening! Police officers from all over Picardy Wallonia block streets in the city center, a helicopter flies over the city. What is going on ? The Grand’Rue de Leuze is blocked by police … Read more

Carriers went on a national protest, trucks blocked the center of Sofia (VIDEO + PHOTOS) – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News

A national protest by workers in the transport industry is being held on Wednesday. They say their dissatisfaction is provoked by the lack of dialogue with institutions and a strategy for the development of the sector. Some of their demands are for the abolition of the bio-additive in fuels for six months and a reduction … Read more