Model 730/2021, the cases in which the reimbursement is blocked by the Revenue Agency

The Revenue Agency has the right to initiate checks on taxpayers’ tax returns, but also has the right to block any credit refunds resulting from 730. In general, the tax return of taxpayers can end in two ways. Either it closes in debt with the tax authorities and then you go to pay the part … Read more

Is a government before the September 17 deadline still possible? “It’s very blocked”

“The intention of Egbert Lachaert of Open VLD is really to set up a government to which CD&V also belongs, the so-called Vivaldi scenario” (that is a coalition of liberals and greens, supplemented by socialists and CD&V). But, and there the problem is: according to what Desmedt hears, CD&V itself is not really interested in … Read more

Apple blocked WordPress app updates due to lack of in-app purchases – Tablets and Phones – News

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg said he could no longer release updates to the iOS app unless Apple received a portion of the proceeds from paid WordPress plans. However, those packages are not sold through the iOS app at all. Mullenweg informed users on Friday via Twitter. Apple late opposite The Verge know that the block … Read more

Alexei Navalny’s collaborators denounced that doctors blocked his transfer to Germany due to pressure from the Kremlin

Alexandr Mukharovski, director of the Emergency Hospital No. 1 of the Siberian city of Omsk (REUTERS / Alexey Malgavko)Alexei Navalny, 44, was admitted to emergency hospital No. 1 in Omsk on Thursday after decomposing in the plane that was taking him to Moscow from the city of Tomsk (Siberia), which had to make an emergency … Read more

The Maduro regime blocked the AirTM platform to prevent health workers in Venezuela from collecting the bonus announced by Guaidó

President in charge of Venezuela, Juan GuaidóSocial media users reported Thursday night a blocking the web portal of Airtm, a money and cryptocurrency transaction platform that operates around the world. The event coincided with the announcement by the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, regarding the payment of the “Héroes de la Salud” bonus. The … Read more

DeFi experiment launched without audits dies with $ 750,000 blocked

The YAM platform, having raised enormous enthusiasm in the DeFi community and gained enormous liquidity in just two days after its launch, it filed a code bug that made it ungovernable and locked around $ 750,000 worth of tokens. Everything seems to indicate that the practice of agricultural yield or Yield Farming has taken on … Read more

TikTok Must Be Sold or Blocked Here

WASHINGTON DC, – Minister of Finance AS, Steven Mnuchin stated, TikTok must be sold or the government will not hesitate to block it. Mnuchin’s remarks were the latest warning issued by Washington against video sharing applications originating from China. The video sharing application developed by ByteDance has become popular with young people, with up … Read more

Threatened to be Blocked by Trump, This is TikTok’s Counter Attack page all

WASHINGTON DC, – TikTok give a counterattack after the President of the United States ( AS), Donald Trump, making a threat will block it. In a message posted on social media, General Manager Vanessa Pappas stated that “they do not plan to leave”. Pappas said TikTok plans in the US for “a long time”, … Read more

Study on Covid-19 vaccine blocked for lack of money –

A study on the vaccination against the coronavirus cannot be carried out in Switzerland for lack of money, writes the NZZ am Sonntag. In addition, the country is on the threshold of an exponential growth in contamination, according to the new head of the Covid-19 working group of the Federal Council, says the SonntagsZeitung. Everything … Read more