Apple blocks Facebook update to notify users of ‘Apple tax’

L’App Store (Apple). Patrick Semansky / AP Epic is no longer alone in his war against the “Apple tax”. By banning its flagship game from iOS Fortnite, for trying to hijack the system according to which Apple receives 30% of revenues from purchases made in applications for iPhone and iPad, the video game publisher has … Read more

If the US blocks WeChat, China will boycott Apple

BEIJING, – China will boycott Apple if United States of America ( AS) block WeChat. The threat was conveyed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Friday (28/8/2020), at a time when the US continues to threaten the blocking of WeChat. US President Donald Trump this month announced that from mid-September it could be … Read more

SHOCK Seeing the face of a crush full of acne, this guy immediately blocks WhatsApp, even though it’s just a prank

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Viral a woman tells of drastic changes when she is shown full face acne. This woman named Lenny Rumahorbo uploaded a video on TikTok. Lenny’s upload suddenly went viral and received attention from the public. Lenny’s video has been liked by more than 407 thousand and commented by nearly 16 thousand people. The … Read more

Apple Blocks Tens of Thousands of Games from China, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– A study states that Apple removed thousands of game applications from Chinese developers. Apple Inc. is said to remove 29,800 applications from the Chinese App store on Saturday, including more than 26,000 games. This is based on data from the research company Qimai. The abolition occurred amid a crackdown on the game … Read more

Mission to Mars: the Chinese probe in the starting blocks

The rocket is in place and engineers are carrying out the final checks: China is trying to launch a probe to Mars on Thursday. A complicated mission, symbol of its growing space ambitions against the United States, in the midst of diplomatic degradation between the two powers. • Read also: The first Arab space mission … Read more

Space – Mars objective: the Chinese probe in the starting blocks

China will try this Thursday to launch a probe towards Mars, enough to restore prestige to Beijing against Washington. Posted today at 04:43 The probe is due to arrive in February 2021 in the gravity field of Mars. KEYSTONE The rocket is in place and engineers are carrying out the final checks: China is trying … Read more

The mess of the electoral law: the veto of Iv blocks the majority

On the electoral law Matteo Salvini brakes Nicola Zingaretti: I am ready only if you vote the following week, but this is not the country’s priority. Meanwhile, radio Montecitorio records another day of stalemate on the reform of the voting system. Not by chance Nicola Zingaretti enraged. And when around lunchtime he learns that the … Read more

Federal prosecutor’s office blocks the takeover of investigations for the time being

In the series of right-wing extremist threatening emails to politicians and celebrities, there is a new case: the former Greens’ chair too Jutta Ditfurth received a threatening letter on Monday night, which was signed with “NSU 2.0”. The letter contained “explicitly anti-Semitic” content and a death threat, Ditfurth told the German Press Agency. She also … Read more