New drug blocks transmission of malaria parasites

Monday, 15. August 2022 – 17:12 Update: 15-08-2022 17:19 One of the most important infectious diseases Malaria is one of the most important infectious diseases of our time, with more than 200 million cases and more than 600 thousand deaths per year. Young children in Africa, with poor access to health care, are particularly at … Read more

Apple blocks a Telegram update because it doesn’t want its Telemoji | Technology

Apple has not liked this new functionality that includes the latest version of Telegram and I have requested a drastic change. Apple does not want its emojis to be touched, and that is why it has been delaying, up to two weeks, the new telegram update for iOS for including a new package of animated … Read more

The demolition of the blocks of the sixth and seventh districts and the tenth parking lot.. Map of demolitions

01:07 PM Monday 08 August 2022 Books – Muhammad Nassar: News of the removal of real estate in the Nasr City neighborhood in Cairo governorate is of great interest to many citizens, especially residents of the eastern region of Cairo Governorate. The most important news of the removals in the Nasr City neighborhood is confined … Read more

Supermoon Blocks Perseid Meteor Shower Sky Show This Week

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Phenomenon Supermoon Sturgeon is considered to be blocking the excitement of the Perseid meteor shower which will occur in two days on Thursday (11/8). There are several factors that discuss Quoted Spacethe Perseid meteor shower, one of the most anticipated and popular night sky shows of the year, is likely to … Read more

Kyrsten Sinema, “the great mystery” of the democratic senator who defends super managers and blocks laws in favor of the environment –

from Giuseppe Sarcina For days he has also held the 15% “minimum tax” hostage for companies and the possibility for Medicare, the federal health coverage for the elderly, to negotiate the price of medicines directly FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTWASHINGTON “Our office is here to serve you,” reads the website of Senator Kyrsten Sinema, 46. But no … Read more

Germany blocks 8 billion in EU aid to Ukraine. Zelensky’s Fury: “A Crime”

“I remind some leaders of the European Union that our retirees, our displaced people, our teachers and other people” cannot be “held hostage by their indecision or by their bureaucracy”, this is “a crime”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not mince words in his last speech to the population to express all his anger at … Read more

PPATK Blocks Sharia Cooperative Accounts 212

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head of Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK), Ivan Yustiavandana said his party had blocked the account belonging to Sharia Cooperative 212. The blocking was carried out because the cooperative was suspected of receiving funds from the philanthropic organization Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). “We have blocked it,” said Ivan … Read more

Why e-commerce should think in the long term, or how to avoid the “here and now” stumbling blocks – Market News

Publicity photo In recent years, e-commerce has experienced rapid growth, providing the opportunity to buy practically everything your heart desires on the Internet. Opportunities for quick profits attract many entrepreneurs, and perhaps those who recommend catching luck by the tail are right. However, this time also sheds light on the biggest mistake of many e-shops: … Read more

New security setting for Windows 11 blocks ransomware attacks

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 11 security settings. They should prevent ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks remain a major threat to computer users. With the new setting, Windows users should be better protected against practices where malicious people hunt for passwords or login details to gain access to a system. Microsoft will initially roll … Read more

Kentucky judge blocks restrictive abortion law from taking effect

– It is overwhelmingly likely that Kentucky’s new abortion law violates the right to privacy and self-determination, according to Judge Mitch Perry in Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA. The state’s two abortion clinics are therefore allowed to continue performing abortions for the time being as the matter is still in a legal process. The backdrop is … Read more